Use UPS Negotiated Rates with WooCommerce Shipping

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In this small guide, we will tell you how you can make use of the UPS Negotiated Rates when using the WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label. Read below to know more.


We’re trying to enable shipping on an online shopping cart using the UPS plugin and we keep getting this error: “User ID and Shipper Number combination is not qualified to receive negotiated rates.” I have everything enabled as per your FAQ/Troubleshooting, including negotiated rates, and it continues to display the error.

PluginHive Support:

UPS Account-Specific Negotiated Rates are special rates you get on your account. In order to get these rates activated on your account, you need to make arrangements with your UPS representative. The Negotiated Rates checkbox in the plugin settings enables you to display these special rates to your customers.

Kindly check whether the negotiated rates are enabled for your UPS account if you are unable to display these rates even after ticking the checkbox. Read more about UPS Account-Specific Negotiated Rates.

Note:  The User ID should match the account which you have enabled the negotiated rates. You can also read this guide and learn How to Show/Hide UPS Negotiated Rates.

If you need any help setting up UPS shipping on your WooCommerce store, feel free to Contact PluginHive Customer Support. We would be more than happy to help.

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Use UPS Negotiated Rates with WooCommerce Shipping

  1. overlandpros
    nick says:

    i have negotiated rates enabled on both my UPS accounts, however i have the same problem. please advise!

    • PluginHive Editorial Team
      PluginHive Editorial Team says:

      Hi Nick,

      In this case, at first, you should check whether any rates are coming in the UPS price calculator –

      If the rates are not coming, then that means, there is a problem with the account. If the rates are coming, then kindly provide us the following information so that we can help you.

      Enable the debug option on the plugin settings page. Then place an order in the cart /checkout page. You will be able to see the request and response information. Copy this info into text files and then send it to us via PluginHive Customer Support.

      Our experts will definitely help you out.

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