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When I try to create a label for my orders, error message I get :Fedex Create Shipment Error: Severity: ERROR

In this guide, we will tell you how to solve the Error message, ” FedEx Create Shipment Error: Severity: ERROR” when using the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label.

Customer :

The plugin used to be working fine, however now when I try to create a label for my orders, this is the error message I got:

FedEx Create Shipment Error: Severity: ERROR
Source: ship
Code: 3001
Message: Invalid Shipper Country Code
LocalizedMessage: Invalid Shipper Country Code

Any idea how to fix this? Happens with all of my new orders.

Support :

Please do the following checks and let me know:
– We request you to check the origin country in the plugin settings page.
– Also kindly check the field “Ship From Address Preference” in plugin settings. If it set to Shipping Address then please try and change it to origin address and then check.
– Lastly, we hope you have provided the correct “Origin Postcode” in plugin settings.


I can see the origin postcode field, but I don’t have an origin country field on my settings page. I’m running the latest version btw.

Ship from address preference is set to Origin address. Origin Postcode is also set correctly. See the attached screenshot.

Label printing

Support :

We just checked your plugin settings.

WooCommerce has a default feature of setting base location.

Kindly go to WooCommerce> Settings> General. Check the attached screenshot We just checked your base location is set as Aland island, we set it as Hungary. Also in the plugin settings, kindly make sure you enter the state code and do not leave the Shipper Street Address field empty. We entered some part of your address in Shipper Street Address2 and state code as VE. We are able to print the label, in order 123.

general option

Last Updated On September 21, 2018