Printing WooCommerce Shipping Labels Automatically for FedEx and UPS

In this article, we will show you how to automatically print the shipping labels when using our WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin and WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin. So read along to know more about it.

WooCommerce shipping label generation is a hefty task for small business owners. You have to log in to the shipping carrier’s website and key in the details of the shipment one by one to generate the respective labels. It makes the whole shipping process really disturbing and tedious. Hence a solution that can automate the process of filling in the package details, and generate labels automatically (as soon as a customer places an order on your WooCommerce site) would really work.

WooCommerce Shipping Label Plugins of PluginHive offers great options to automate

PluginHive offers two solutions to automate your WooCommerce Shipping Label printing.

Printing FedEx Shipping Labels

Roger sells books from his shop. As soon as a customer places an order on his WooCommerce store, he wants to automatically generate packaging and FedEx label. This will save a lot of time for him. So he uses our FedEx plugin and just enables the two options for automation (the settings are the same for our UPS plugin too).

  1. Generate Packages Automatically After Order is Received
  2. Generate Shipping Labels Automatically After Order is Received

For the first option, he just needs to enable the options as shown below:


He is using Parcel Packing method as “weight based,” so packaging will happen based on the total weight of the order:

weight based shipping

This was the sole set of configurations required from him to automate the part. The final generation of label happens as soon as a customer places an order on the checkout page as shown in the video below:

Finally, he can even schedule an email containing the label attached inline. This option is suitable for special businesses that require customers to send products to shop owners. For example, if you own a repair shop, you would want your customers to send the products for repair. As a result, you can send labels to them via email.
The option to do this is shown below:


Printing UPS Shipping Labels

The settings to print UPS Shipping label automatically is similar to what you have seen with the FedEx plugin. You just need to enable the two options for automation.

  1. Generate Packages Automatically After Order is Received.
  2. Generate Shipping Labels Automatically After Order is Received


Both WooCommerce FedEx Shipping and WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugins are an ideal solution when it comes to generating and printing shipping labels online. We hope this guide would have helped you understand how to print shipping label automatically.

If you have any doubts or need help printing the shipping labels then please contact our customer support. Our support team should be able to help you configure shipping on your WooCommerce store.

Happy selling!

Last Updated On May 14, 2019

2 thoughts on “Printing WooCommerce Shipping Labels Automatically for FedEx and UPS

  1. ANGEL says:

    Hola, no logro configurar el plugin, ya tengo la ultima version y no se peude autogenerar las guias como aqui lo muestras. ya lo configure y no funciona, me puedes ayudar?

    • Veeresh says:

      Hello Angel,

      No worries. We will help you in understanding the feature “print shipping labels automatically”.
      We introduced this option in our 2.9.8 version. Please check once which version you are using. If not 2.9.8 and above, please update the plugin and check.

      If you still have any queries, Please raise a request to:
      We will help you to fix your issue.


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