Frequently Asked Questions : Shipping Pro

Here are some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) for the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro Plugin. This should really help you understand the plugin in a better way.

Que 1 : How I can set a rate by category product?
Answer : Yes possible to configure shipping rate by product category using Matrix column ‘Category’.

Que 2 : I sell the magazine and also subscriptions to this magazine. Shipping costs are €1 for a back issue and €4 for a subscription.
Answer : You can assign Products to ship class magazine and subscriptions and define shipping cost for shipping class.

Que 3 : I’m in the UK, does your plugin have County and PostCode information available for the UK?
Answer : This plugin can be used for any Country and postcode.

Que 4 : The Free UK shipping on category 1,2,3. Signed delivery all categories apart from 1,2,3 = £3.90. UK Next Day all categories apart from 1,2,3 = £7.25.
Answer : Yes its possible to Configure Free shipping for certain category of products and shipping cost will be added when the buyer purchase products from any other category.

Que 5 : Will this plugin work on my WordPress network?
Answer : Please install both WooCommerce plugin and our plugin on the network but don’t activate it. And Activate both WooCommerce plugin and our plugin on the individual site.

Que 6 : The package is just an envelope I want to add a very small shipping fee. Will this plugin allow me to do this?
Answer : Absolutely. You can either add a fixed fee or fee-based on quantity/weight/price.

Que 7 : Does this plugin has a round-off functionality? Say if the weight is 1.7 kg so instead of calculating shipping charges for 1.7 Kg, can it round off to 2 Kg and calculate shipping charges of 2Kgs? Similarly, 1.2 should round off to 1.5, 6.6 should be rounded off to 7.0, 7.3 will round off to 7.5.
Answer: Absolutely yes. Set Column ‘Round’ as .5 & ‘Based On’ as ‘Weight’.

Que 8 : Does this plugin Have any rows limit? I have 60+ rows and now when I save the changes get an error message: error in the action, please refresh and try again.
Answer : This is a post limit issue. Please contact your hosting provider. Also, you can find more help in WordPress/WooCommerce: Dealing with PHP Post length issue article. Alternatively, you can add many rows using Import-CSV options.

Que 9 : I am building a website with about 400 products. I want to set postage rates for each product at the product level. Is this possible with this plugin?
Answer : You can use Product Categories or Shipping Class to set the postage rates.

Que 10 : Could I create a rule that displayed a message like “Shipping: TBD”? I noticed that with the default Flat Rate tool if I put $0, it would display “Free Shipping”.
Answer: We have the option to remove the “Default (Free) Text” in the plugin.

Que 11 : Would I be able to base the shipping rate off a % of the cart total?
Answer: Use ‘Based On’ as Price for the rules, Use Calculation Mode as Per Order and set Unit Price as 10 if the shipping cost is 10%.

Que 12 : Is this plugin easy to translate into my language using PoEdit?
Answer : Yes. The plugin supports English and German currently and can be easily translated to any other language.

Que 13 : I need to set a handling fee for some groups of countries only when shipping outside the EU. How can I do that?
Answer : Please add handling fee in the ‘Base Cost’ column for the rules, and select the list of countries in the country column.