Frequently Asked Questions : Shipping Pro

frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) for the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro Plugin. This should really help you understand the plugin in a better way.

Que 1 : How I can set a rate by category product?
Answer : Yes possible to configure shipping rate by product category using Matrix column ‘Category’.

Que 2 : I sell the magazine and also subscriptions to this magazine. Shipping costs are €1 for a back issue and €4 for a subscription.
Answer : You can assign Products to ship class magazine and subscriptions and define shipping cost for shipping class.

Que 3 : I’m in the UK, does your plugin have County and PostCode information available for the UK?
Answer : This plugin can be used for any Country and postcode.

Que 4 : The Free UK shipping on category 1,2,3. Signed delivery all categories apart from 1,2,3 = £3.90. UK Next Day all categories apart from 1,2,3 = £7.25.
Answer : Yes its possible to Configure Free shipping for certain category of products and shipping cost will be added when the buyer purchase products from any other category.

Que 5 : Will this plugin work on my WordPress network?
Answer : Please install both WooCommerce plugin and our plugin on the network but don’t activate it. And Activate both WooCommerce plugin and our plugin on the individual site.

Que 6 : The package is just an envelope I want to add a very small shipping fee. Will this plugin allow me to do this?
Answer : Absolutely. You can either add a fixed fee or fee-based on quantity/weight/price.

Que 7 : Does this plugin has a round-off functionality? Say if the weight is 1.7 kg so instead of calculating shipping charges for 1.7 Kg, can it round off to 2 Kg and calculate shipping charges of 2Kgs? Similarly, 1.2 should round off to 1.5, 6.6 should be rounded off to 7.0, 7.3 will round off to 7.5.
Answer: Absolutely yes. Set Column ‘Round’ as .5 & ‘Based On’ as ‘Weight’.

Que 8 : Does this plugin Have any rows limit? I have 60+ rows and now when I save the changes get an error message: error in the action, please refresh and try again.
Answer : This is a post limit issue. Please contact your hosting provider. Also, you can find more help in WordPress/WooCommerce: Dealing with PHP Post length issue article. Alternatively, you can add many rows using Import-CSV options.

Que 9 : I am building a website with about 400 products. I want to set postage rates for each product at the product level. Is this possible with this plugin?
Answer : You can use Product Categories or Shipping Class to set the postage rates.

Que 10 : Could I create a rule that displayed a message like “Shipping: TBD”? I noticed that with the default Flat Rate tool if I put $0, it would display “Free Shipping”.
Answer: We have the option to remove the “Default (Free) Text” in the plugin.

Que 11 : Would I be able to base the shipping rate off a % of the cart total?
Answer: Use ‘Based On’ as Price for the rules, Use Calculation Mode as Per Order and set Unit Price as 10 if the shipping cost is 10%.

Que 12 : Is this plugin easy to translate into my language using PoEdit?
Answer : Yes. The plugin supports English and German currently and can be easily translated to any other language.

Que 13 : I need to set a handling fee for some groups of countries only when shipping outside the EU. How can I do that?
Answer : Please add handling fee in the ‘Base Cost’ column for the rules, and select the list of countries in the country column.