Add handling fees to FedEX shipping services in WooCommerce

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The WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for FedEx with Print Label allows you to add handling fees to the shipping services. In this small guide, we will help you understand how it works.


I see that handling fees to shipping services is supported, but could not figure out where the settings was when I was going through the demo site. Could you please tell me how handling fees can be added to shipment?

PluginHive Support:

The live demo on our product page has some restrictions, this is because the live mode is designed for generic access, so any modification in any field can lead to the instability of the demo plugin which can cause ambiguity.

If you go for the private demo, you can get a simple highlight of how the plugin works, and will suit your business requirement or not.

We have a price adjustment option in the FedEx plugin settings, which allows you to add a percentage or an amount to shipping services.

For example, if you add a price adjustment of $5 to FedEx ground service, then this service will appear on the cart with added value of $5.