Display Real-time Australia Post Shipping Rates on Shopify Store

Australia Post Shipping Rates

Real-time shipping rates are rates calculated by carriers based on factors like shipping destination, product weight & dimensions, and expected delivery time.

This article covers the requirements for getting Australia Post shipping rates & how to get rates at your Shopify checkout. Although Shopify is one of the best platforms to sell your products using multiple carriers like USPS, UPS & more, you need a Shopify app like Australia Post Rates and Labels app to handle the Australia Post shipping.

Requirements for getting Shopify Australia Post Rates

There are five requirements before getting Australia Post rates:

1. Get your Australia Post Account: To get real time shipping rates & start shipping you need an Australia Post account.

2. Enable carrier-calculated shipping rates: To connect your own shipping carrier accounts to Shopify, you need to have the carrier-calculated shipping feature on your store’s Shopify subscription plan.

3. Add products to your Shopify store & validate the product weights

4. Verify your shipping address

5. Add the Shopify application & enable it to get checkout rates

mypost offer

Configure Shopify Australia Post Shipping App

Step 1: Head to Account & provide the Australia Post account credentials to activate the app.

australia post account

Step 2: Under the Address, make sure that your store address from which you are shipping is the Default address. 


Step 3: Configure Packaging. There are two options available in Packaging:

  1. Weight-Based Packaging
  2. Box Packaging

weight based packing

Weight-Based Packing

  • Packing Method – Select the Weight-based packing method if you want to pack the products based on their weight. This method allows you to pack different products together in a single package.
  • Max Weight – You can set the maximum weight up to which all the products can be packed in a single package. If the weight of the products exceeds this Max Weight, the remaining products in the cart will be packed into another package.
  • Weight Unit – You can choose from different units of weights and dimensions.

box packing

Box Packing

  • The Box Packing method uses pre-defined boxes configured in the app which includes Australia Post Boxes and Custom Boxes configured by the User. The algorithm packs all the items in the Order into the boxes in the most efficient manner by taking into account the following factors:
    1. Box Dimensions and Item Dimensions
    2. Box weight and Item weight
    If none of the boxes are capable of fitting an item, then that specific item will be self-packed into an individual package.

There is an option for selecting the type of box which can be used to ship the products.

Step 4: Click on the Rates & under Carrier Services enable the Australia Post Shipping Service/s to display the shipping rates at the checkout:

Australia Post Shipping Services

After enabling you will be able to see the Australia Post shipping rates at Shopify checkout as shown below.

Australia Post Real-Time checkout rates

Other Australia Post fulfillment processes within Shopify 

Australia Post Rates and Labels app helps in fulfilling your entire shipping process by:

In this article, we discussed in detail how to get real-time Australia Post rates We hope that this article helps you understand the process in the right way.

If you face any issues or you have any queries regarding the real-time Australia Post rates, feel free to contact our team of experts!