What to do when my country doesn’t have zip/postal code?

In this small guide, we will tell you what to do when your country does not have a ZIP or Postal code. This guide should help you when using the WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label.


Hi, I am from the United Arab Emirates. Zip codes are not used in our country. How do I go about to get rates on the UPS plugin?

XAdapter Support:

We have this functionality available in both our Free and Premium UPS Shipping plugin, where it replaces the postal code field with city field.  This will be useful when you are shipping from a country which doesn’t have a postal code.

To show the shipping options for the United Arab Emirates, you need to provide the city with information in the specified field. Once you enter the name of the city in the city field, prices will be reflected.

If you face any difficulty please contact PluginHive Support.

Last Updated On October 05, 2018