WooCommerce Bookings Emails, Reminders and Follow up notifications

WooCommerce Bookings Emails

In this article we’ll discuss the emails sent during the booking process by the PluginHive WooCommerce Bookings plugin and we’ll show you how to set up WooCommerce Follow up emails and WooCommerce Reminder emails for your bookings.

Why do you need to send emails to your customers?

Timely reminders, follow ups, and notifications play important role in ensuring a great pre-booking and post-booking experience. These emails connect you to your customers in a much natural way and keeps them updated.

With the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin, you can ensure your customers will never miss their appointments or bookings since the plugin sends the email reminders before the appointment.

Read along as we uncover some of the most convenient ways to send email notifications to your customers using the WooCommerce Bookings plugin.

Types of WooCommerce Booking Emails offered by PluginHive WooCommerce Bookings

The PluginHive WooCommerce Bookings and appointments plugin lets you send the following types of emails to your customers.

WooCommerce Booking Emails for every New Booking

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin triggers an email whenever a new booking is made. The plugin sends this email automatically to both you and your customers.

The New Booking Email contains the information associated to the booking including important details like the Booking costs, Duration, Additional resources, Participants, Booking status, Total amount, etc.,

The two-part images below show the WooCommerce New Booking email sent to both you and your customer upon placing a new booking.

New Booking Email sent to the Admin

bookings email for store owner

Email sent to the customers

Customer email for woocommerce bookings

WooCommerce Bookings Confirmation/Cancellation Email

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointment plugin allows customers to request a booking and send it to the Admin for confirmation. Based on the store availability or the preparations, the Admin can either accept the booking or reject it. In either case, the plugin sends customers an email stating the booking status.

Booking Confirmation Email
confirm woocommerce bookings email
Booking Cancellation Email
cancel woocommerce bookings email

Emails for Manual WooCommerce Bookings

The WooCommerce Bookings and Appointment plugin allows you to place booking manually from the website back-end as well. In doing so, you have the option to send the booking payment link to the customer via email.

All you need to do while placing a manual booking is, enable the Send Payment Link Email to Customer option, as shown in the image below.

woocommerce payment link email option for manual booking

Once the booking is placed successfully, the customer will receive the following email with the payment link attached to it. Have a look at the image below for your reference.

manual woocommerce booking email with payment link

Send WooCommerce Reminder Emails to Customers before the booking

It’s really important to remind your customers of their appointment well before the booking begins. That way, it becomes much easier for them to plan the remain time of the day accordingly. The WooCommerce Bookings plugin allows you to send WooCommerce reminder emails to your customers one day before the booking starts.

You can set up your custom reminder email template to add a personal touch and it will send that email to your customers. You can even make use of the following to add certain details to your email reminder.

[CUSTOMER_NAME] – This will add the customer’s name to the reminder email
[SITE_NAME] – This will add the website/store’s name to the reminder email
[BOOKING_DETAILS] – The final option will add the booking details like the product name, booking duration, booking cost, etc., to the WooCommerce reminder email.

With the help of the codes mentioned above, you can create a reminder email template or you can use the following email template.

Hi [CUSTOMER_NAME],<br><br>, I request you to check the bookings details for your appointment with [SITE_NAME].<br><br>[BOOKING_DETAILS]<br><br>We look forward to serving you.<br>Regards<br>Admin

woocommerce reminder emails

The customer will receive the email a day before his booking starts, as shown in the image below.

sample woocommerce reminder email for bookings

Send WooCommerce Follow up Emails after the Booking is completed

One of the most important aspects of a successful business is to be customer-centric. The same applies to online booking as well. It gives a great impression when you follow up with the customer after a successful booking. You can also use this email to let customers review your service.

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin allow you to set up follow up emails and also allows you to send a personalized follow-up email to your customers.

Moreover, it also lets you set the time duration at which the email will be sent. This time duration will be calculated from the time when the booking is marked as completed.

woocommerce follow up emails

Similarly, once the booking is marked as completed, the WooCommerce Bookings plugin sends the follow-up email to the customers when the Follow Up Time expires. Have a look at the sample image provided below.

woocommerce bookings follow up email


This article has covered some of the easiest ways to send WooCommerce booking emails to customers using the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointment plugin. The plugin also comes with the 2 Way Google Calendar Sync for Bookings feature and is adefinite treat to the WooCommerce users.

If you have any queries regarding the WooCommerce Booking emails or need any help with setting up the WooCommerce Bookings plugin then feel free to Contact PluginHive Customer Support.

Good luck! 🙂