Residential or Commercial Address in WooCommerce UPS Plugin

If you have ever shipped any package using UPS Shipping services, you may be well aware of the fact that UPS charges differently for different address types. Based on the address, UPS may charge you less if the address provided by you is a Commercial Address. Whereas, if the address is a Residential Address, UPS generally charge more shipping charges.

Consider this customer’s scenario:

Will the UPS plugin determine the address to be Commercial or Residential? There is a price variation on the shipping cost and will not want to ask the user to make the decision.

WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin has a built-in option to select residential addresses as a default address type for your shipments. The below image shows how you can activate the setting:

Selecting Residential Addresses
Selecting Residential Addresses

Enabling this option, WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin will assume every address as a Residential Address and will send the response to UPS. Hence, the rates returned from UPS will be much higher than the commercial ones. This option will enable those store owners that ship across residential addresses to automatically select the address type.

If you decide to disable the above-mentioned option, the address will be automatically categorized as a Commercial or a Residential address by UPS API. The API will automatically determine if the address and based on its type will return shipping rates for your shipments.