How to Resolve Authentication Error with FedEx Production Keys?

In this guide, we will help you solve the Authentication error with FedEx Production keys when using the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin. Read along to know more.

As you already know, the plugin displays FedEx Shipping estimate for both domestic and international shipments. It does that by working with FedEx APIs which calculates these estimates. But in order to do so and be able to print shipping labels, you need to move from the test environment to live.

With the FedEx production credentials, you can use your FedEx account to pay for the postage. You won’t be able to do that with your FedEx Test credentials. One of our customers was facing the following issue.


I keep getting authentication error after trying three different FedEx production keys for our site. Please help.

PluginHive Support:

Moving to live mode is an advanced service that requires authorization from FedEx. You need to contact FedEx with a sample label generated using your test account details. Please follow Certification Guidelines to get advance services for printing the labels.

Here’s a detailed article talking about FedEx Production credentials. It contains all the necessary steps and details you need to start printing shipping labels from your WooCommerce store.

Now, if you own a Shopify store and are looking for ways to integrate FedEx shipping then check out Shopify FedEx App. Shopify FedEx App is an end-to-end FedEx shipping solution for your Shopify-based store.

shopify fedex

This App works in a similar way as the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin. With the help of this App, you can show real-time shipping rates on your Checkout page.

If you need any help regarding shipping or WooCommerce shipping, then feel free to contact our customer support. They should help you out.

Happy selling!

Last Updated On April 02, 2019

2 thoughts on “How to Resolve Authentication Error with FedEx Production Keys?

  1. design6 says:


    I’m getting the same issue Code 1000.. overall the whole process with FedEx is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. I’ve spent, no less than 15hr talking to the FedEx customer support (including time being on hold).

    I finally got to talk to the FedEx Support team gentleman, that actually knows what’s going on. He said that they can see the API connection working just fine, but the CSP KEY is missing (CSP — Certified Solution Provider Key).

    He said to check with the plugin developer about this SCP issue/error, and if that doesn’t work, he suggested that I go through the FedEx Certification process.

    Since I am not a programmer/developer, I am not sure how to go about the certification process.. because, according to the FedEx support person that I’ve talked to, the process is rather complex .. first you have to choose shipping method, than the FedEx will send you a code snippet that you must implement (somewhere), than you test it, so they can see that that works.. and rinse and repeat for EACH shipping option one would like to use.

    This is, mildly put, a very, very disappointing solution. One would assume that the plugins sold and recommended by a WooCommerce website would be tested, re-tested, tested some more and certified for use. It looks like that this is not the case.

    I really don’t understand why the XAdapter or WooCommerce cannot certify this plugin with the FedEx, but it’s left to the individual WordPress plugin users/customers to do that.

    Thank you for your time!

    • Anindo
      Anindo C says:


      Please do not worry.
      We will help you out.

      Kindly note that the error comes only in the following 3 conditions:
      – if you have put in the wrong test credentials (You can get the test credentials from FedEx)
      – if you have put in the wrong live credentials (You can get the live credentials from FedEx)
      – if you do not have authorization to generate labels in live mode. In that case, you need to go through the certification process from FedEx to get the Authorization.

      Advanced Services Authorization to use Print Label feature
      You need to contact FedEx with the sample label generated using Test Account details.
      Please follow Certification Guidelines to get Advanced Services for printing the labels.Note: During Registration for FedEx Web Service Production Access, select FedEx Web Services for Shipping ( include Rate, Track, etc) checkbox in Application Profile window.

      This will surely resolve your problem. If you still face any issue, just raise a ticket via and we will be quick to respond.

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