Farmhouse Accommodation-Set up using WooCommerce Bookings plugin and Product Add-on

In this guide, we are going to show you how to set up an online farmhouse accommodation booking system with WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin. Read along to know more.

Business Case – Farmhouse Accommodation

Park de Veloster is a uniquely situated park in the Achterhoek landscape. The area is also ideal for walking and cycling. Visitors to the park can enjoy the unique environment that is characterized by rich flora and fauna. The area is also ideal for walking and cycling routes.

Park de Veloster provides the following:

  • Accommodations for staying at night in the farmhouse called De Els.
  • Various types of activities which include Walking Routes, Crystal Museum, Farmer’s Golf, Swimming, TeaHouse, and Vineyards.

De Els is ais an accommodation located in an authentic converted farmhouse. This accommodation is suitable for a group of up to 30 people.

farmhouse accommodation

Walking Routes→

The Veloster area has plenty of walking routes! Our advice is to discover the area on foot for one or more days. Chances are that you will spot special birds but above all enjoy the special environment.

Crystal Museum→

Discover the history of the earth in the Borculose Crystal Museum. You will find a large collection of fossils, minerals, crystals and precious stones in the museum, the origins of which take you back millions of years.

Farmer’s Golf→

The area around Geesteren has a wide range of outdoor activities. Boer golf is one of them. If you are with a mixed group, farmer’s golf is a sporting and entertaining excursion for every group member.

Swimming Outside of Hambroek→

Just outside the built-up area of ​​Borculo is the recreational area ‘De Hambroekplas’. Here you can sunbathe, swim, use play equipment or canoe. Access to the lake is free for walkers and cyclists.


De Busker, a cozy little teahouse with a tea garden, is a special place for a delicious high tea. It is also good to know that the entire range is made in our own kitchen.


Vineyard Adebaer wants everyone to enjoy their vineyard. If you are in the area, we, therefore, recommend that you take a look here. A wine tasting is of course also possible.

  • Cost of the accommodation varies based on the different times of the year
    • High Season (July to October) -> $200 per day
    • Low Season (November to March) -> $125 per day
    • Mid Season (April to June) -> $75 per day
  • Customer needs to provide the number of adults and children (Should not exceed the max people that the farmhouse can accommodate which is 30)
  • Additional facilities like Pickup services (Downtown pickup and Airport pickup) are both available.

WooCommerce Bookings Plugin features used:

Booking Duration

To allow the customer to enter the duration they want to stay in the farmhouse by selecting the check-in and check-out dates.

Booking Cost

To set the booking cost for the accommodation in the farmhouse at different times of the year.

Booking Participant

The Bookings Participants feature allows users to add a section along with the booking calendar where customers can enter a numerical value. Here the Booking Participants are Adults and Children, which should not exceed 30.

WooCommerce Product Add-on plugin from WooCommerce:

With Product Add-Ons, you can offer special options to your customers in a snap. Product Add-Ons allow your customers to personalize products while they’re shopping in your online store. No more follow-up email requests—customers get what they want before they’re done checking out.

Solution using WooCommerce Bookings Plugin

Kindly follow the below steps to fulfill the complete business requirement:

  • Create a Bookable Product “De Els”
  • Set up Booking Period under the Booking tab.
    • Choose Enable Calendar Range with Blocks of 1 Day(s).
    • Set Maximum Bookings per block as 1.

farmhouse accommodation

  • Enable “Bookings Per Night” as the cost will be calculated based upon the nights the customer has stayed (and not on the check-out dates).farmhouse accommodation
  • Using the Booking Cost functionality, set the prices for high season (July – October), mid-season (November – March), low season (April – June)farmhouse accommodation
  • Using the Booking Participants functionality, provide the field to allow your customers to enter the number of adults or children. Since the maximum people that the farmhouse can accommodate is 30, provide the “Total number of Participants should not exceed” as 30.
    farmhouse accommodation
  • Using the WooCommerce Product add-on, with which PluginHive WooCommerce Bookings plugin is fully compatible, we will provide the additional facilities that the farmhouse offers along with the accommodation.

    In order to provide a selection (Checkboxes) for the customers to choose from, click on “Checkboxes” option from the drop-down and provide the different options available – like Walking routes (Free of cost), Crystal Museum ($30), Farmer’s Golf ($100), Swimming outside of Hambroek (Free of cost), Tea House ($30), Vineyards with free wine tasting ($80).farmhouse accommodation
  • In order to provide a single option among multiple options, like whether to use the pickup services to the farmhouse and in case, if any, whether a pickup from downtown or airport.farmhouse accommodation

Voila! Now we have completely set up the booking accommodation for Park de Veloster as illustrated below:

Customers booking for the accommodation “De Els” will now have the choice to select the check-in and check-out dates based upon the availability, provide the number of adults and children, select from the wide variety of facilities available and the option for pickup transfers and additional request.

farmhouse accommodation

Say, if a customer A wants to book for 15 adults and 18 children, the plugin won’t allow booking for the same, prompting an error message as the total number of participants exceeds the max number of people the farmhouse can accommodate (which is 30).

farmhouse accommodation

Hence, customer A books for 15 adults and 10 children from 25th to 28th July (that is, for 3 nights) and selects free walking routes and crystal museum along with the accommodation.

Thus, the booking cost for 3 nights for high season (July) will be $200 * 3 = $600 and an additional $30 for crystal museum pass, which equals to $630.

farmhouse accommodation

Along with the additional facilities, customer A wants to book an airport pickup for $35, which brings the total cost to $665.

farmhouse accommodation

The customer will also be able to view all the booking details on the cart page of the website.

farmhouse accommodation

Once the order is successfully placed, both the admin and the customer will receive an email with the order details, which will even specify booking status and any additional request if mentioned by the customer.

farmhouse accommodation

The admin will also be able to view the same in the Bookings and WooCommerce Order section from his WordPress dashboard.

farmhouse accommodation

And finally, once the order is successfully placed, De Els is no more available for further booking from July 25th to July 27th. However, it will still be bookable on July 28th as the check-out date for the customer A was on 28th.

farmhouse accommodation


There you go! That’s how easy to set up a farmhouse accommodation and provide additional facilities to your customers using WooCommerce Bookings plugin from PluginHive and WooCommerce Product add-on.

If you have any doubts or need help setting up Bookings on your WooCommerce-based website then feel free to Contact PluginHive Customer Support. Our support team should be able to help you out.