An Insight into Canada Post Manifest for WooCommerce Orders

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Canada Post is among the top shipping solutions in the world. Being the leading parcel delivery company in Canada, it handles international shipping across the US and more than 190 countries across the world. With a business span so wide, they are bound to provide some great features which separate them from the competition. One of the many great features that it provides its store owners is the Canada Post Manifest.


This article covers the importance of Canada Post Manifest and how WooCommerce store owners can generate a shipping manifest using the WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin with Print Label. But before jumping into the technicalities, let us take a look at the Canada Post Manifest.

Canada Post Manifest

The Canada Post provides Contract Shipping, for its commercial customers. One of those services is the Canada Post Manifest.

Store owners have to print Canada Post Manifest to confirm which packages are ready for shipping. It will exclude the packages for those orders that are canceled. This is the reason Canada Post has made it mandatory that an Order Manifest is to be provided at the time of package induction. The store owners have to submit two copies of the electronically generated or manual manifest to the Canada Post authorized representative at a Postal Facility approved by Canada Post. Alternatively, they can provide it to an authorized Canada Post Driver in case of pickups.

Each parcel is subjected to the weight, quantity, package, and service type that is mentioned in the manifest, at the time of Canada Post verification. And if there is any mismatch it can be adjusted accordingly. The shipment will only be accepted once it is accompanied by proper documentation.

So by the above text, you can see the importance of these manifests. Canada Post even provides a discount to those store owners who electronically provide these manifests and apply a Canada Post barcode to their mail items. Hence it not only helps in cross-checking the package but benefits the store owners too.

Generating Manifest using the Canada Post Shipping plugin

Our Canada Post Shipping plugin allows store owners to get real-time shipping rates and generate shipping labels directly from their WooCommerce store. With the help of this plugin, they don’t need to go to the official Canada Post website to do all that.

Even with Canada Post Manifests, the store owners don’t need to generate the manifest from the official Canada Post website. Our plugin provides store owners with a complete shipping solution right within the back office.

Let us see how this plugin helped Katie, a WooCommerce store owner based in Toronto, Canada, with manifests. According to Katie,

I was wondering whether this plugin be able to print manifest and if yes, then how does the plugin know what packages to select to create the manifests?Since I have a commercial account, I want to be able to print a manifest for all the labels I created in one day so someone from Canada post can come pick them up.
Can this plugin achieve this?

Well, yes!

Canada Post Shipping plugin can easily print a manifest for all the orders placed in a day.

How It Works..?

Katie asked a very important question about how the manifest is generated in the Canada Post Shipping plugin. Let’s try to understand how it exactly works.

The below image shows all the orders for a whole day in a WooCommerce store.


The store owner has already generated packages and also printed the shipping labels for all these orders. It is to be noted that, for an order to be mentioned in a manifest, an order shipment must be generated along with the shipping label.

Once the labels for all the shipments are generated successfully, the store owners have to click on Transmit Shipment to confirm that all the orders for the day are ready to be shipped. The image below shows where you can find that option.


One important thing to note is that once a store owner clicks Transmit Shipment, all the orders that were not included in the previous manifest request will be automatically included in the current request.

Note: The plugin will generate a Canada Post Manifest containing all the orders since the last time the store owner has clicked the Transmit Shipment.

The image below shows the Canada Post Manifest being generated for the orders mentioned above.


You can see that the weight of all the orders is mentioned along with the total cost of shipping.

It may be noted that if a shipment contains both Domestic and International orders, the plugin will generate two separate manifests for both types of shipments. In the image below you can see two manifests getting generated for both domestic and international shipments.



So as we have seen, the WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin with Print Label prints shipping manifest for all the orders of the day. With this ability, the store owners will not only be able to get real-time rates and print shipping labels but also get the shipping manifests from their online store.

You can click here to read more about the amazing features of this plugin. And if you have any queries about the functionality of the plugin you can let us know in the comment section below.