How to Use FedEx Home Delivery for Residential Addresses

In this article, we will explain how you can use the FedEx Home Delivery shipping service for your residential addresses when using the WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for FedEx with Print Label.

FedEx is an amazing shipping service that delivers packages to almost all types of addresses. It uses FedEx Ground for the commercial shipments and FedEx Home Delivery for the residential ones. Our WooCommerce Shipping plugin for FedEx allows store owners to do the same. Users can easily use the options in our plugin in order to change between the two types of addresses. However, many store owners find it difficult to use it according to their needs.

Here is one of our customers who had a similar problem. Let us check it out.

Amy: We have checked “default to residential delivery” as most of our customers are residential. However, we do often sell to commercial customers and many of them are getting confused as the ground open only shows “FedEx Ground Home Delivery.” Many of our commercial customers are forced to choose the FedEx 3 day option as they are concerned the Home delivery option won’t deliver to them since they are a business. Is there a way to overwrite the shown text to just say “FedEx ground” to avoid this confusion? We can still ship “home delivery” to our residential customers. We process our labels manually and not through this software/plugin.

Our plugin has the simple configuration that says, whenever you need to ship your orders to your customer’s residential address you can check the Default to residential delivery option in the FedEx settings page. You can refer to the following image.

Residential delivery

In order to show the FedEx Home Delivery in the cart, you can just rename the service in the settings page as shown in the screenshot. Doing this will display this name in the cart/checkout page.

home delivery

Now, as soon as a new order is received and you have accepted to ship that order, then it would automatically select the FedEx Home Delivery and show it in the cart. Below is a sample image of the same.

fedex home delivery

However, if you are dealing with commercial addresses, you have to uncheck the Default to residential delivery and make sure that the FedEx Ground is checked on the FedEx settings page.

We hope this solves your issue with the FedEx Home Delivery. Do let us know in the comment section below if have any doubts. For further assistance, you can contact our customer support.