Setting Up of WooCommerce Mobile App

WooCommerce Mobile App enables you to monitor your sales, view and edit your orders, product details, stock status, price, etc. To keep you updated with your eCommerce store’s whereabouts, the app sends live notifications on the go. This app is free for both Android & iOS users.

In this article, we will discuss in detail how you can set up your WooCommerce Mobile App & get started with it.

Connect WooCommerce mobile app to your store

To connect your WooCommerce store with our WooCommerce mobile app, you will need API credentials from your WooCommerce API settings. If you don’t have these credentials, refer to the steps below:

To create or manage keys for a specific WordPress user, move to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Rest API > Create an API Key

A Consumer key, Consumer secret, and a QR code will be generated for the user, as shown in the screenshot below:

API Keys

You can enter your credentials in either of the following two ways:

  • Entering API credentials manually: If you are accessing your WooCommerce site from your mobile device, copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret keys and paste them into the respective textbox options within your app.
  • Scan QR Code: Another way is to simply scan the QR code from your PC and the respective API keys will be automatically copied to your app.

Once the credentials are entered, click Sign In.

woocommerce mobile app login

WooCommerce Mobile app dashboard for all WooCommerce Insights

The app is layered with four main tabs at the bottom: Dashboard, Orders, Products, and Customers. As you sign in, the app dashboard shows a few quick statistics about the sales in your store.  The dashboard further contains three tabs:  Reports, Orders, and Top Sellers.

Easy access to sales reports

This section shows the sales report which includes information about sales statistics, refunds, number of items sold, new customers during that time period, and so on. 

By default, the sales report is about the current day. You can change the report view using a filter option present in the top right corner of the app. You can view reports for Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, This Month, Last Month, or can choose a Custom Date as well.

The screenshots below are filtered based on the last month:

Sales reports

Managing orders on the go

The orders tab in the dashboard shows the order details of the specified time period. To view the orders tab, you can either swipe right from the Reports tab or click on the Orders tab.

The Orders screen also shows orders categorized by their current statuses, which include: Pending, Processing, On Hold, Completed, Cancelled, Failed, and Refunded orders. 

To view orders of one type of status, say processing, click on Processing to view all its orders, as shown in the screenshots:

woocommerce mobile app order management dashboard

Under the orders section, you also get:

  • General: The General section consists of order status, order date, payment method, shipping method, shipping cost, customer shipping and billing address, contact details, shipping rate, tax rate, discount, and total cost of the order. The app also integrates the Google Map application for locating shipping addresses and billing addresses. To use this feature, click on the Map option in the respective address. Similarly, you can use native apps for email and phone information as shown in the screenshots on the right.
  • Order items: This section lists all the items ordered by the customer. To view order items, swipe right from order details or click on Order Items. The order details consist of product ID, product name, quantity ordered item price, and total price.
  • Order Notes: Customer notes, as well as order notes, can be found in this section. To view order notes, swipe right from Order Items or click on Order Notes. The plugin provides an option to add a custom order note. You can click Add Order Note to add a new order note. If you wish to let customers see the order note, check the Customer Note option, as shown:

List of Top Selling Products

This section of the app displays the top-selling products of the time period you select. It displays the product ID, product name, and quantity sold.

woocommerce mobile app displaying monthly top sellers

Detailed overview of WooCommerce Products

The Products section displays all products of your WooCommerce store. Product views are also categorized into divisions: All, Published, Drafts, Private:

WooCommerce Product tab

If you have more number of products, then searching for a specific product might be a little hard. For this, the WooCommerce Mobile app provides a product search option in the top right corner of the app. You can search a product by its product id, product name, or stock status.

You can click on a product to view more information. The product information is divided into three sections – General, Stocks/Price/Props, and Reviews.

  • General: This section displays product images, and product information. The app also displays descriptions and product short descriptions, which can be edited with the help of a text editor available within the WooCommerce mobile app.
  • Stock/Price/Props: In the Stock & Price section, you can update product stock, sale price, and regular price. You can also update or add shipping class to the product.
  • Reviews: This section displays all customer reviews related to the respective product. Each review consists of the review number, customer name, date of review, rating, customer email address, and product review.

List of Signed up Customers

This tab displays all customers who have signed up for your WooCommerce store.

The customer information includes customer ID, customer name, number of orders made, the total amount spent, order number, and order date.

Signed up customers

You can click on a customer option to view more information. The customer details include username, date & order number of last order, the total amount spent, the total number of orders made by the customer, and the date of customer signing up to your store. It also includes customer contact details, billing, and shipping address.

Live Notifications

With the WooCommerce mobile app, you can receive live alerts whenever:

  • a new order is placed in your store.
  • order status is changed to specified order status in the plugin settings.
  • a product goes low on stock.
  • a product is out of stock.
  • a customer signs up to your store.

To enable app notification for orders on your mobile device, you need to install the free WooCommerce App Integration plugin on your WooCommerce store. Follow these steps for installing and enabling notifications:

  • Click here to download the integration plugin zip file
  • Upload the file to your WooCommerce store under the Plugin section & activate it
Upload plugin
  • Once done you can configure notifications under WooCommerce > Settings > StorePep App Settings

After configuring all the options you will get notifications on your mobile as shown below:

Live notifications

For further queries related to the WooCommerce mobile app or other shipping plugins/apps queries feel free to reach out to our support team!