How to Connect UPS with WooCommerce

As per the latest UPS update regarding the REST API, UPS will be phasing out their existing Access Keys by June 2024. Based on the update, WooCommerce business owners will require the UPS Ready plugins to connect UPS with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin with Print Label is UPS Ready Certified and in the latest update v.6.0.0, the plugin integrates UPS OAuth 2.0 for added security and will ensure uninterrupted UPS services. In this article, we will cover how WooCommerce business owners can connect their UPS accounts with their stores.

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Connect Existing UPS Account With WooCommerce

Click on Login With UPS Ready as shown below:


You will be redirected to the UPS Registration page. Here, enter your UPS account number and click on “CONNECT TO YOUR UPS ACCOUNT”

ups account number

You will be taken to the login page. Enter your UPS registered email or username, accept the terms & conditions, and click on ‘Continue’

ups user name

Enter the password and click on ‘Log In

ups password

Now, the UPS account is successfully connected. Click on ‘PROCEED TO NEXT STEP

ups account

Upon successful registration, you will see the Registration successful message displayed as shown below.

ups registration

Now you can access UPS services using the plugin. The plugin allows you to display real-time UPS shipping rates, generate and print shipping labels in bulk, and track UPS shipments in real-time.


If you don’t have UPS account credentials, please visit to create one.

For European Merchants – Sign Up for a UPS Account & Get Up to 75% Discounts

This section is exclusively for merchants shipping from the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, and Belgium. They can sign up for a new UPS Business Account & avail of special discounts of up to 75% based on the region.

How to Sign Up for UPS Business Account

Click on Sign Up to create your new business account as shown below:


The UPS Registration page will open. Fill in all the required details.

  1. Title: This is a prefix used before a person’s name to signify their gender or marital status. It’s commonly “Mr.” for men, “Mrs.” for married women, and “Ms.” for women regardless of marital status.
  2. First name and Last name: These are self-explanatory. Provide your full legal name.
  3. Preferred username: This is the name you’d like to use as your login identifier for UPS services. It should be something unique and easy to remember.
  4. Password: A strong password should contain a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Make sure it’s something you can remember but difficult for others to guess.
  5. Company name: If you’re representing a business or organization, enter the full legal name of your company.
  6. Email: Provide an active email address where you’ll receive notifications, updates, and communications from UPS.
  7. Phone number: UPS may need to contact you via phone for various reasons. Enter your phone number, excluding the country code.
  8. Billing Address: This is the complete address associated with your payment method. It’s important to enter it accurately to ensure proper billing and delivery of invoices.
ups registration form

Once done, click on “CREATE PROFILE.” after entering all the details correctly.

ups registration form


connect to ups

The Login page will open where you’ll be prompted to input the UPS username or email you provided during registration. Ensure to review and agree to the terms of the agreement. Once done, click on the “Continue“.

ups user name

Enter your UPS Password and click on Log In.

ups password

The UPS Technology Agreement page will open. Please read the agreement carefully, and once you’ve done so, accept the terms and conditions. Then, click on “Next.”

ups agreement

If your pickup address is the same as the billing address, you can go ahead and click on “CREATE SHIPPER ACCOUNT” to complete the registration process.

create ups shipping account


Tax ID and Tax ID Type fields are optional in the registration form but are mandatory for certain countries like Spain.

If your pickup address is not the same as the billing address, please fill in the pickup address in the designated fields and then click on “CREATE SHIPPER ACCOUNT” to complete the registration process.

ups pickup address

The License Agreement page will open. Please read the document and accept the terms and conditions. Then, click on “APPLY PROMO CODE“.

ups license agreement

Here, you will be able to see the “Registration Successful” message as shown below:

ups registration

Now that your UPS account has been successfully created and linked to WooCommerce, you can start shipping with UPS.

Feel free to contact the PluginHive customer support team if you require further assistance with the plugin.