WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro plugin With WPML for Multilingual sites

Shipping rates in multiple languages using WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro

The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin helps to define table rate shipping for your online store. If you have custom rates defined in tabular form which you want to charge your customers for shipping, you should use this plugin. Now, this plugin is made compatible with WPML also.

Our team worked with their team over time to make this possible. But to harness the power of both plugins, you need to have our table rate plugin installed in your WooCommerce store and the WPML plugin. Here are the components of the WPML plugin which you need to install separately.

– WPML Multilingual CMS
– WPML String Translation
– WPML Translation Management
– WooCommerce Multilingual
– WPML Media
– Multilingual Tools

Getting Started

The following steps will help you start with WPML :

– Set up WPML from WPML -> Languages. WPML has a thorough Guide. You can refer to that for getting a complete understanding of it. The initial, simple three-step setup is self-explanatory, asking you to choose your default language, a set of active languages, and a language selector. (For starters, choose the footer language selector; you can change this later.)
– Install and activate all the WPML-related plugins (mentioned in the first section).
– Install the WooCommerce Table rate plugin for WooCommerce and activate it. You can refer to the plugin documentation on how to install and set up the plugin.

How to check the translation of Shipping with WPML.

Navigate to the WordPress dashboard. Here, we have configured English as the default language and German and French as the other languages.
How to check the translation of Shipping with WPML

On selecting French, the plugin text will come in French.
On selecting French, the plugin text will come in French

Also, once the rates are configured, the checkout will be shown in French as well.
Rates are configured in French