WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – Setup Costs based on Shipping Class and Quantity

In this article, we will guide you on how you can set up the costs based on the shipping class and shipping quantity when using the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro. Check out below.

Customer: I have different categories of products and they often come together in the cart. What if I want to select the highest price among them and show it to the customer?” This is a common question we encounter here at PluginHive! Can this be achieved?

Well Yes! For this, we have the most powerful solution on the market. When we say, “The Most Powerful”, we mean the sheer flexibility of Table Rate Shipping pro plugin. The plugin really stands out among the bunch of other plugins currently available.


WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

Ok, let’s see more details.
The products I have are:

– Metallic taps
– Plastic taps
– Porcelain taps

And I want to charge them in the following manner :

For metallic tap:

  • 1-20 quantity charged at $20 (only bulk purchases allowed at the shop).
  • 21-1000 quantity are charged $30.
  • Beyond 1000 – not allowed.

For Plastic tap:

  • 1-20 cost $10
  • 21-10000 cost $15
  • Beyond 1000 – not allowed

And for the Porcelain one:

  • 1-20 cost $12
  • 21-10000 cost $40
  • Beyond 1000 – not allowed

How to achieve this? Very simple! Just follow the rules as shown below [NOTE: Check the text below each rule that will give you an idea of how to frame the rule.


So we can see the rates are displayed perfectly for a metallic tap with quantity 10:


Now, if I place a Metallic tap and a Porcelain Tap in the cart, the plugin should retur then rates by adding both shipping charges of Metallic and Porcelain taps.
So here it goes :


In the above case, these two rules were selected and the shipping charges were added from them:


NOTE: The above two conditions are achieved because we kept the Calculation mode as “Per Shipping Class Max Cost”:


You can also try the free version of the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin.