WooCommerce Bookings Add-ons – Block Product Availability Based on Other Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin allows you to create a bookable product and define availability for it. However, when there is an entity that is commonly shared between multiple products, managing the availability can be a difficult task.

For example,

  • When two tour products Tour A and Tour B are using the same Tourist Guide. Once, you assign the guide to both tours, it becomes essential the Tour B booking is blocked, when the Tour A booking happens, or vice versa.
  • When you offer multiple services using a single room. Once you assign the room to the services, whenever any service is booked, the complete room should not be available, and vice versa. 

For businesses where the shared asset between bookable products is singular, blocking out bookings for a slot is not possible if other products are booked for the same slot. Hence, the need for this addon. 

Block Product Availability  based on other Bookings Add-on plugin

This add-on is used to block the availability of other products using the same asset when a specific product is booked for a particular slot prior to the others. In this case, you have to assign the same asset to all the products. 

The setup is quite simple as shown below : 


Block the availability of all the other products for a particular booking slot when a specific product among them is already booked by the customer and vice versa

Use Case: We offer a bunch of different class types (e.g., Classroom Saori Class, Saori Zen-Tensive Class, and Online Saori Class). These classes need a handloom for learning.

The one exception to this is the Online Saori Class, which is the one we need to block out the entire studio for, such that:

(1) When a student wants to book the Online Saori Class, the only time slots that would show up as available for that class would be ones that were completely empty and didn’t have any other classes already booked in that time slot, and 

(2) After a student had booked an Online Saori Class, that time slot would be “full” and be unavailable for anyone else to book any other class (of any type) during that time. 

In short, The goal is to restrict other products from getting booked when the online class is booked and vice versa.


Follow the steps below.


  • The booking for the other Products – Saori Zen-Tensive Class and Classroom Saori Class will be blocked out from 15:00 to 16:00 on the 15th of May as shown below



  • You can now see that when an online class is booked and no other class can be booked for that particular time slot.

Final Thoughts

The WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin is a one-stop booking solution when it comes to WooCommerce store owners. The plugin supports multiple booking scenarios and additional customized solutions which are discussed in this article.

If you have any queries based on the plugins discussed above, or you have a complex booking scenario, feel free to contact our support team. We will try our best to help you find a solution and set up your online WooCommerce store.