Print Canada Post Shipping Labels for Orders with Multiple Products


Packing a single product and shipping it is a very easy task. The real issue comes when there are multiple products in the cart. According to Dharmik, an India-based WooCommerce store owner, “…We require the Canada Post plugin on our WordPress website to manage to ship. However, I need to confirm some things first. Take an example, if we got an order of 4 products then when we’d click on Create a shipment from Canada Post in the sidebar. Will the Canada Post plugin print 4 different labels for all products, or just one label for all products together..? Can you please help me understand this..? Thanks…

In this article, we will be covering how the products are packed and how the shipping labels are printed using the WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin.

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin’s Parcel Packing Methods

The most important thing before printing the shipping label is to decide the type of parcel packing that you want to select. WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin provides three parcel packing methods.

  • Pack Items Individually
  • Pack Into Boxes with weight and dimensions
  • Weight of all items

The image below shows the parcel packing methods in the plugin settings page.

parcel packing methods

Let’s take the example of the Pack Items Individually and Weight-based Packing in the case of Dharmik’s scenario.

Pack Items Individually

In the case of this parcel packing method, if there are 4 products in the cart, they will be packed individually. In other words, the number of products in the cart will be equal to the number of packages. Hence, the number of shipping labels under this packing method will always be equal to the number of products, i.e. 4.

Weight-Based Packing

Suppose the weight of each item is 2 lbs. Hence the total package weight will be 8 lbs. Underweight-based packing, the store owner can set up a maximum weight limit that will always be packed in one box. So if Dharmik sets up the Max Weight to 10 lbs, in that case, any products with a combined weight under 10 lbs, will be packed in one single box. So in this case, the plugin will generate only a single shipping label. The image shows the Max Weight enabled when selecting weight-based packing.

weight based packing

Hence, the plugin is capable of generating shipping labels based on how the products are packed. If they are packed separately, a separate label will be generated for every package. And if all the products are packed together in one package, then only a single shipping label will generate.


So this article covers how you can generate Canada Post shipping labels for orders that contain more than one item. Using this article, store owners will be able to select the parcel packing method based on their requirements and hence they will be able to get Canada Post shipping labels for orders which contain multiple products.

If you have any suggestions regarding the article, feel free to share your views in the comment section below. We have also attached some details about the plugin that we discussed in this article.

About the plugin…

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin

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