Effectively handling pre-packaged products in WooCommerce using UPS shipping carrier

George owns a chemical shop. He plans to sell Ammonium Perchlorate which comes in two variations. The first variant is a 20-liters canister and can be sold loose. The other variant comes pre-packed in a group of ten two-liter bottles. Let’s see how the WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label can help him.

Problem :
George does not want the pre-packed items to be packed along with the loose items.  Also, since they have their own packaging, he just wants a solution which prevents duplicate packaging for the pre-packed product and subsequently generates labels for it. Till now, he has failed to achieve this objective using the existing solutions in the market.

A simple but effective solution :
George purchases the latest WooCommerce UPS plugin and installs it. He creates a product with the above two variations.
Then, using one of the most incredible features of the plugin, the “Pre-packed” checkbox, he figures out that he can choose to mark each variant as pre-packed or not. He updates the variant “Carton of ten 2 liter cans” as pre-packed and leaves the other variant as it is.

Pre-Packed Variation :
Pre-Packed Variation

Loose item Variation :
Loose Item Variation

So if a customer selects 2 items of the variant “20 liter can” (which is a loose item) and 1 item of the variant”Carton of ten 2 liter cans”, then UPS plugin will pack the “20 liters can” in a box and skip packaging for the variation”Carton of 2 liter cans”.

In this case, one label will be generated for the 2 loose items and one label will generate for the pre-packed item as shown below :
Label for the pre-packed variant :
UPS Shipping Labels

Label for the box packed variant:

UPS Shipping labels 2
This easily resolves George’s problem!

Sometimes, a simple approach is all that is required to resolve a radical problem!