Create UPS Ground Shipment from your WooCommerce store

In this article, we will be focusing mainly on the UPS Ground shipping service. This article will help you understand how shipping is carried out using WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin. Let’s take a look at UPS Ground.

When it comes to shipping, UPS is the first choice of tons of online and offline business owners. From its guaranteed time-based shipping services (Next day shipping) to the cheaper shipping services (UPS Ground), UPS fulfills the shipping needs of almost every store owner.

When it comes to WooCommerce, our WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin proves to be the best shipping plugin. It offers all the UPS shipping services based on location. Using the official UPS API, this plugin offers real-time accurate shipping rates directly from UPS. Moreover, unlike most plugins, WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin allows store owners to print shipping labels directly from the WooCommerce store.

What is UPS Ground?

UPS provides various shipping services across the globe. UPS Ground serves as a domestic shipping service. In the US, this shipping service covers all 50 states. The highlight of this shipping service is the fact that it is the cheapest shipping service by UPS.

Being cheaper than other services makes this one more favorable for business owners. Another interesting feature of this shipping service is that it is available for both commercial as well as residential addresses.

Here are some interesting features of UPS Ground,

  • Cheapest UPS Shipping service
  • Available in all 50 states of the US
  • Available for both commercial and residential addresses
  • Guaranteed delivery allows you to know when the shipment will arrive
  • Reliable tracking from UPS

Apart from all these features, there is an interesting way to get an estimate of UPS Ground delivery timings. Official UPS Ground Maps provide a geographical map of the US with estimated UPS Ground shipping timings. Take a look at the image below.

UPS service map

Using the above map, it is very easy for anyone to get an estimate of the delivery timings. Especially, color coding makes it a simple and less time-consuming task. For example, using color coding, you can easily see that the UPS Ground will take around 5 days to ship from California to New York (NY).

Due to all the above-mentioned features, UPS Ground is among the best shipping options for small to large businesses. Now let us take a look at how the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin allows WooCommerce store owners to enjoy the benefits of this service.

Configuring UPS Ground in your WooCommerce store

The WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin allows store owners to handle their shipping from within the store. Once the plugin is installed and activated successfully, store owners need to enter the official UPS Account details in the plugin setting. Below is the image showing where these details need to be added,

UPS Plugin settings

You can read the Setting up WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin. to learn how to configure the plugin to your needs.

After the configuration, make sure that you have enabled the UPS Shipping service that you require. In our case, we have disabled all other services except UPS Ground. The below image shows the enabled shipping service in the plugin settings.

UPS Services

UPS Ground shipping supports both residential and commercial address shipping. Using this plugin the store owners can force the address provided by the customer as a residential address. They only need to enable the following field in the plugin setting.

Residential Address

One thing to notice is that if the store owner doesn’t enable this setting, then UPS will automatically check and classify the address as residential or commercial.

Sometimes the store owners require a Free Shipping option to be displayed on the cart page. Since we have already configured the UPS Ground, the next thing to do is to configure a Free Shipping option. WooCommerce Shipping Zones provide us the ability to configure Free Shipping based on the destination. The image below shows how you can configure it.

Free Shipping

After all the above settings are done, we can finally see the shipping options on the cart page. The image below clearly shows both shipping options.

Rates displaying on the cart page

Once the store owner places the order, he can check it on the Order Page. By clicking the order number, the store owner can easily see the details of that order. Moreover, by clicking the Create Shipment option on the Order page, the store owner can create a shipment for packing the products. Below is an image showing the package.

UPS Packages

After confirming the package for the shipment, store owners can process the shipment further by clicking the Confirm Shipment button. This button sends all the package data to UPS and in return, gets the Official UPS Shipping Label directly onto the Order Page.

Store owners can easily download and print the shipping label without even visiting the official UPS website. The image below shows the official UPS shipping label generated from the WooCommerce store.

UPS label

The shipping label clearly shows the shipment details such as the shipping service used to ship the package, i.e. UPS Ground. Other details such as the package weight, destination address, etc are also visible on the shipping label.


In this article, we discussed the UPS Ground shipping service. Being one of the cheapest shipping services, most of the store owners prefer this shipping service to be available on their website. However, in spite of being the cheaper service, there are a lot of interesting features that this service offers.

Using the WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin, every store owner can offer this shipping service on his WooCommerce website. Moreover, this plugin also offers other amazing features like generating shipping labels, shipment tracking, and many more. All these things make this plugin a must for every WooCommerce store owner.

So this was regarding the UPS Shipping service and how online store owners can handle shipping on their website using the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin. If you have any queries or requests regarding the plugin specifications, you can visit the official WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin page. Or you can share your views in the comment section below.