Does WooCommerce Multi Carrier Shipping support DHL & FedEx in Mexico?

dhl and fedex shipping in mexico

With this guide, we’ll show you how to set up WooCommerce DHL and WooCommerce FedEx Shipping in Mexico using the WooCommerce Multi Carrier Shipping plugin.

WooCommerce offers an amazing opportunity for people across the globe to come together and sell products online. For that to happen, it must be ensured that geographical boundaries don’t prove to be the limitation.

How does the WooCommerce Multi Carrier Shipping plugin help with DHL and FedEx shipping?

The WooCommerce Multi Carrier Shipping plugin lets you provide multiple shipping options to your customers on the Cart/Checkout page. The shipping options include the basic flat rate, free shipping, and real-time rates from carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, USPS( and DHL. On top of that, it combines the power of table rate shipping that lets you offer conditional shipping.

So the way this WooCommerce Shipping plugin works is for any country where the individual shipping carriers (FedEx or DHL) provide shipping services, this plugin will display the shipping rates. Let’s take an example and see how this plugin does that.

According to Evan,

Hi, I am planning to ship products from Mexico. I have accounts in DHL and FedEx in Mexico. Can I use the WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin in my location with my accounts? Will it work for both of my shipping accounts?

Before we begin with the plugin and the things you need to do with it, let’s check whether DHL and FedEx have valid shipping services for Mexico or not.

Checking WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Availability

You can easily check all the FedEx shipping services for your country on the Official FedEx Rates page. Once you’re there, you can enter the details including the source and destination address, package details, package type, etc., The image below shows the FedEx international shipping services from Mexico to the USA.

woocommerce fedex rates for mexico

So these are the valid FedEx shipping services and the shipping rates are also displayed in Mexican Peso (MXN).

Checking WooCommerce DHL Shipping Availability

Similarly, let’s check for the DHL shipping services, and for that, you can check for your country on the Official DHL Rates page. And once you’re in, you need to fill in the important details shown in the image below. Here, we’ve taken the DHL international shipping services from Mexico to the USA.

woocommerce dhl rates in Mexico

You can clearly see that the shipping rates are already in the Mexican Peso (MXN) currency. Hence, as a result, the same shipping services will be available in the WooCommerce Multi-Carrier shipping carrier for Mexico.

Using WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin in Mexico

Now that you know that both DHL and FedEx work in Mexico and can deliver items from and to. It’s time to see if the same can be done with the WooCommerce Multi Carrier Shipping plugin as well.

Once you’ve installed the plugin on your WooCommerce store, the next obvious step is to set it up. And if you’re done with that, you should be able to set up both the DHL and FedEx shipping methods. That being said, it’s very important that you make sure your carrier accounts are working. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the shipping rates.

woocommerce shipping rule table

As you can see in the image above, the shipping rules are defined under the Rule Table. This rule table incorporates everything required to set up the shipping conditions, in this case, international shipping.

Next, when an item is moved into the cart, the plugin automatically sends the shipment details to the DHL and FedEx APIs to fetch the accurate shipping rates. Please note that the shipment details include vital information including weight, dimensions, distance, etc.,

woocommerce dhl and fedex rates

In the screenshot above, the cart page contains the two shipping rates, DHL Express Worldwide and FedEx International Economy. So customers can choose from the two services, or you can offer any one of them.


As you can see, the WooCommerce Multi Carrier Shipping Plugin comes out to be a highly useful WooCommerce Shipping plugin. This plugin helps users set multiple shipping rules and gives them the power to fulfill all types of shipping needs no matter the condition.

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