Pack Products Optimally with the Shopify Australia Post App

Although packing a single product into a box and shipping it using Australia Post is easy, the process can get complex when it comes to multiple products. One of the simplest solutions for this issue is to use the Shopify Australia Post Rates & Labels app which helps you automate the process of packaging.

The main advantage of this app is that you don’t have to manually set up each package and calculate the rates. You just have to choose a suitable packing method and the app automates the process and calculates rates accurately.

So, in this article, we will explain the packing methods available in the Shopify Australia Post Rates & Labels app and how you can save shipping costs by improving the packing process.

Packing Methods in Shopify Australia Post Rates & Labels App

The Australia Post Rates & Labels app offers quite a lot of boxes. The below image shows the boxes which are supported by the app. You can enable or disable the boxes according to your preference. 

Shopify Australia Post App
Shopify Australia Post App
Shopify Australia Post app

There are two parcel packing methods in the Australia Post Rates & Labels app;

  1. Weight based Packing
  2. Box Packing
Shopify Australia Post app Packing methods

Weight-Based Packing Method: Packing Method based only on the Product’s Weight

This packing method is based on product weight. It uses the concept of Max Weight, which is used to define the maximum weight of an individual package. 

Shopify Australia Post app weight based packing

Now let’s understand this method using an example;

  • Here we have defined the maximum weight as 40 Lbs. This means that in a box, products with a maximum combined weight of 40 Lbs can be packed. So, when the weight of the entire package crosses 40 Lbs, the app will automatically select another box.
  • If you have six items and each of them weighs 10 Lbs, four of them go into one package and the next two will go into another package since the Max Weight set here is 40 Lbs.
  • Weight-based packing is the recommended packing method because this method gives cheaper rates in most cases.

Box Packing: Packing Method based on the Weight and Dimensions of the Product

Box packing is an improved packing method that works based on the Box Volume, Dimensions, and Weight. Here, the volume of products is used to fit the total volume of the packages.

Shopify Australia Post Box packing
  • In the Box Packing method, a box is filled based on the dimensions of the product. This process is continued until the box is completely filled or a minimum volume is left vacant. 
  • If the next unpacked product has a volume greater than the vacant volume, it goes into the next box. This process is continued until all the products are packed.
  • Within the app, there is an option to add Custom Boxes. If none of the available Australia Post boxes meets your requirements, you can create a custom box and handle the packing process. You can add the Inner and Outer dimensions of the box, the weight of the box, and the max weight.
Shopify Australia Post app edit box
  • Also, you have the option to select the type of box (Carton, Pallet, Satchel, etc) while selecting the available Australia Post Boxes.
Shopify Australia Post app box types


The Shopify Australia Post Rates & Labels app is a perfect shipping app that makes the packing process easier and seamless. This app will not only help you in automating the packing process but also in displaying Australia Post rates at checkout, generate Australia Post shipping labels in bulk, and also provides shipment tracking.

We hope this article will help you understand the packing methods and how the Shopify Australia Post Rates & Labels app helps you automate the process. If you have any queries, please contact PluginHive Customer Support. Our team will be able to help you with any issues that you face.