Provide Partial Payments for your Bookings using WooCommerce Deposits plugin

While trying to figure out a suitable strategy for your expensive products, you might have come across partial payments. Partial payment is a mode of payment where you accept a partial amount based on your business strategy. It comes in handy to boost the sales of your expensive products where the total cost is relatively high. By providing an option of partial payments, you can easily attract customers who would rather not pay a hefty amount for that product in one go.

Online Booking is another industry which can benefit greatly from the partial payments. The fact that you can pay, let’s say 40% of the total booking fee upfront, and pay the remaining fee afterward, can really boost your sales. In a WooCommerce environment where we have WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin to deliver outstanding booking experience to you and your customers, what we require is a way to provide partial payments for your WooCommerce bookings.

In this article, we will discuss how using WooCommerce Booking and Appointments plugin along with the WooCommerce Deposits – Partial Payments plugin, you can combine the best WooCommerce bookings solution with the best strategy to boost your sales using partial payments.

WooCommerce Deposits – Partial Payments plugin

WooCommerce Deposits by Webtomizer Labs is a WordPress and WooCommerce plugin that handles partial payments for your products. Using this plugin your customers can pay a fixed amount or a percentage up front and then pay the remaining amount later. One of the best features of this plugin is that it allows you to accept partial payments not only for the bookable products but also for simple products.

How to Set up Partial Payments for your WooCommerce Bookings?

In order to set up partial payments for your WooCommerce bookings, you need to follow the steps below:

Installing and Setting Up WooCommerce Deposits

  • Install and activate the WooCommerce Deposits plugin
  • Visit WooCommerce => Settings => Deposits to set up the WooCommerce Deposits plugin
  • Under General Settings, select Pay Deposit as the default selection. This will set the default selection to deposit payment when a customer is booking a product
    Deposit default selection
  • Under Checkout Mode, enable Checkout Mode and set the deposit amount to either the Fixed Price or a Percentage Amount
    Checkout Mode
  • Click on Save Settings

Enable Partial Payments for a Bookable Product

  • Visit your Bookable Product and click on Edit
  • Under the 1/2 Deposits setting tab, click on Enable Deposit. This will allow your customers to pay partially for the particular product.
  • Enable Force Deposit if you do not want your customers to be able to place the orders if the partial payment is not selected
  • Update product

Scenario – Partial Payment for a Booking

  • Customer while booking the product, on the product page
    Deposit Payment
  • Deposit Amount Displayed on the Cart Page
    Cart Page Deposit
  • Deposit Amount Displayed on the Checkout Page
    Checkout Page Deposit Amount
Email Reminder for the Second Payment

You can send an email reminder to your customers with the second payment details and the payment link. All you need to do is select the Email Second Payment Reminder from the Order Actions and click on Update.

Partial Payment Email Reminder

Customers will get the email notification with the partial payment details as well as the payment link for the second payment, as shown below.

Partial Payment Email

Once the customers click the payment link, they can proceed with the payment for the second installment, as shown in the image below.

Second Payment

Scenario – Full Payment for a Booking

  • Customer while booking the product, on the product page
    Full deposit
  • Deposit Amount Displayed on the Cart Page
    Cart Page
  • Deposit Amount Displayed on the Checkout Page
    Checkout page

Final Thoughts…

That’s it. This article is a complete tutorial for setting up a partial payment option for your WooCommerce store. This way you can allow your customers to book your products or services by paying a deposit amount and allowing them to pay the full amount as a second installment.

For more details about the plugins, you can visit the official page of the WooCommerce Deposits plugin. If you want to know more about the pricing and features of the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin, feel free to check out PluginHive’s Bookings page.

Last Updated On July 22, 2019