How to manage FedEx Return shipping on your Shopify store

This guide helps you understand the FedEx Return shipping and how you can handle FedEx return shipping on your store using the Shopify Ship, Rate, and Track for FedEx. We will also see how you can generate FedEx Return labels with the app.

Before we go ahead with handling FedEx return shipping and printing the return labels, take a look at how you can print shipping labels with the Shopify Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx.

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A FedEx Return Label is the type of shipping label that is used to ship packages back to its origin address. Mostly, the return label consists of the same exact information as found on its corresponding forward shipping label but with swapped addresses.

Setting up FedEx Return shipping using Shopify Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx

The Shopify Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx helps you seamlessly handle FedEx Return shipping. Follow the below steps to set up return shipping with the app.

Head to App settings –> Auto Settings –> Return Labels as shown below.


Return Rate Selection Strategy: Select the FedEx services for your return shipments

For return shipments, if the customer selected service is not available for shipping, you can automatically choose to select the cheapest available shipping service based on the address or you can set your preferred services.

Automatically select the Cheapest FedEx services

If you choose “select cheapest”, the app automatically chooses the cheapest FedEx service available based on the shipper and recipient addresses.

Select the Preferred FedEx services

If you choose “Preferred services”, you can set up specific FedEx services for Domestic, International, and Freight shipments as shown below.


Reason for Return: Choose your reason for return while generating the FedEx return label

Once you have set up the Return Rates Selection Strategy, you need to choose the reason for return. You can choose from the following reasons.

  • Courtesy Return Label: In this type of returns, you’re including a return label for your customer, but don’t expect returns.
  • Exhibition Trade Show: In such returns, the goods you’re shipping are for an exhibition, trade show, or any event.
  • Faulty item: In such returns, the item is broken, or had any kind of damage.
  • For repair: In such returns, the goods you’re shipping will be repaired before being returned to you.
  • Following repair: In this case, the recipient previously sent you the item for repair, but not via FedEx.
  • Item for Loan: In this case, the goods you’re shipping are for temporary use and will be returned to you in an unchanged state.
  • Rejected: In this case, the customer rejected the shipment and has to be returned to you.
  • Replacement: In such returns, you’re shipping a replacement item in advance and receiving a faulty item back.
  • Trial: In this type, the goods you’re shipping are for a trial and will be returned to you.

These reasons are applicable for all domestic return shipments. If you would like to choose different reasons for each return shipment, you can choose it while generating return labels for each order.

Valid Reasons for FedEx International Returns

Not all reasons are valid for FedEx International returns. Only the following reasons are valid and can be approved for FedEx returns for International shipments.

  • Exhibition Trade Show
  • Faulty item
  • For Repair
  • Rejected
  • Item for Loan
  • Trial

You will also have the option to enable insurance for all your packages and choose to generate return labels along with forward labels (This option is not supported for FedEx Domestic shipments in India).

Generate FedEx Return shipping labels

In order to generate a return shipping label with the app, head to the “All Orders” section and click on the “Return icon” as shown below.


Since there are no return labels generated for the order, click on “Create New“.


This will direct you to the return label generation page. Now, choose the Return quantity, reason for return for the current order, and click on “Refresh“. This will show the services and rates available. Choose the required service and generate labels.


You can add insurance to the packages, enable saturday delivery or ETD is required.

The Return label is generated for the selected order. Now, you can download the label or Email it to the customer.


Here is a sample FedEx Return Label.


If you enable Saturday Delivery for return shipments, the label will show Mon-Sat instead of Mon-Fri. This means that the return is accepted on Saturdays as well. To know more, visit FedEx Saturday Delivery for Return Shipments.

You can generate multiple return labels for single order. FedEx will charge the customer for return label only when they are scanned. For example, if you generate two return labels for a single order, and the customer want to ship the order with second label, then the first return label can be ignored.

Configure your store email address for the Return shipment email to customers

Once the FedEx return label is generated, you can email it to the customer to return the shipment, as explained in the above section. When you select the “email to customer” option, it will ask for the required email address.


Once you click on “Send”, the return label will be sent to the customer from your own business email address only if the SMTP details are configured within the app. Otherwise, the mail will be sent from the app support email address (

To configure the SMTP credentials, head to App settings –> General –> SMTP settings.


You can configure the SMTP credentials and sent the email from your own business email address.

To know more about FedEx International Returns, refer, Tips and Tools for FedEx Global Returns. If you have any queries regarding the FedEx Return shipping process with the app, do contact PluginHive support.

Last Updated On December 27, 2021