Shopify Shipping Guide

This guide will help you integrate the shipping account with your Shopify store using the PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label app by PluginHive. Once you have successfully integrated with Shopify, you will be able to automatically display (USPS) shipping rates at checkout, print shipping labels, and easily track your shipments.

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Add, Install and Activate PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label App

You can install the app from the PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label app page.

Add your shipping account

PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label app allows you to use along with other top shipping carriers, to display real-time shipping rates, generate and print shipping labels in bulk, and also track shipments in real-time.


If you don’t have USPS account credentials, you can create one.

Read more – How to create Account

Once you have your account credentials, head over to app Settings and then Carrier and choose from the list as shown below: shipping carrier

Verify the shipper or warehouse address

Once you add the account, verify the shipper address details. The app will automatically configure your store location added in Shopify as the shipping origin. Ensure that you verify the address (the shipper address must be within the United States in the case of that is to be used while getting shipping rates and shipping labels for your order.

Click on the (≡) icon and visit Settings > Address and your store name will be listed there.

shipper address

Click on the store name and you can see the shipper address and other details as shown below: usps store address

Review the shipper details and click on Save once the required modifications are made.

Configure the product weight & dimensions and choose the right packing method

To calculate the accurate shipping rate of an order, you must configure the weight of the product correctly.

To set the weight and dimensions for your products, head to the “Product” section in the app.


Add the product weight and dimensions


In most cases, only weight is required to handle the packaging and calculate the accurate rates. So, by default, the app will calculate the rates based on the weight-based packaging method.

However, in order to use boxes you need to click on Packaging under the Shipping section:

select packaging options

Next, choose the Box Packing option from the dropdown as shown below:

select box packing from the packaging method dropdown

Then choose Add Stamps USPS Box from the dropdown:

add stamps usps box

Next a pop up will be displayed with all the Stamps USPS Boxes as shown below:

list of stamps usps boxes

Display the preferred shipping services on the Shopify checkout

The app automatically displays all the available shipping rates on the Shopify checkout page. However, if you want to display shipping rates for a particular shipping service on your Shopify checkout, you can do so without any hassle.

Click on the (≡) icon and visit Settings > Shipping Rates > Rate Automation, as shown below.

Rate automation

The app automatically creates rules for the shipping carriers that you add to help you choose the services that will be displayed on the Shopify store. Click on Edit to customize the shipping automation rules based on your preferences.

Under the Action Details tab, select your preferred shipping service that you want to display to your customers, as shown below.

stamps services

You can also choose to calculate and display shipping rates for the above-selected shipping services based on various conditions, such as,

  • Shopify Shipping Zones
  • Product quantity that the customer chooses
  • Total weight of all the products
  • Cart sub-total amount
  • Shipping Classes
  • Time of order placement
  • Total weight range

Based on your preference, you can select any conditions and the app will calculate the shipping rates only if the conditions are matched.

Click on Save once the required changes are made.

Configure the weight & dimensions for your products and choose the right packaging method

To calculate the accurate shipping rate for an order, it is very important that you configure the weight of the product correctly.

Display shipping rates on the Shopify checkout

Visit the store and add a product to the cart. Enter a shipping address and calculate the shipping cost. The app will display the shipping cost for all the available shipping services or the shipping services that you have selected based on your preference at Shopify checkout. shipping rates at the shopify checkout

Verify the shipping cost displayed on the Shopify checkout page

After displaying the shipping rates on the Shopify checkout page, verify whether the shipping cost is accurate by visiting Settings > Shipping Rates > Request Log request log

Click on the (i) icon in front of the most recent Shipping Rate Request, as shown below. usps request log details

After viewing the request log, you can verify the Package Details & Shipping Methods under this section: package details and shipping methods

Visit the Orders tab and select the order(s) for which you want to generate and print a shipping label, and click on Generate Labels, as shown below. generate labels

Select the order(s) again and click on Print Labels to get the shipping labels for your orders, as shown below.

print usps documents

The app will automatically redirect you to print the shipping labels along with other documents like the tax invoice, as shown below. usps shipping label

Request pickup from your Shopify dashboard

Now visit the Orders tab and select all the orders for which you want to request the carrier pickup. Now click on the Request Pickup option, as shown below. request pickup

Once the pickup is requested successfully, you can visit the Pickup tab to view the status of the pickup. requirements. usps pickup details

Mark orders as fulfilled and send tracking details and email notifications to customers

After requesting the pickup, you can visit the Orders tab and select all the orders which are ready to be shipped, and click on Mark As Shipped to fulfill these orders. usps order mark as shipped

Once you mark the orders as shipped, your Shopify orders will be automatically marked as Fulfilled. Visit the Shopify > Orders page to check the order status and click on the order.

In the image below, you can see the order is automatically marked as completed. Also, the shipment tracking details are automatically updated to the Shopify orders.

order marked fulfilled automatically

Once the order is marked fulfilled, the customers will automatically receive the tracking details via email as shown in the image below. USPS tracking details to customers via email

Track your Orders

To track your orders, select the orders that are shipped and click on Track Your Shipments. Or, you can track all the orders by visiting the Tracking tab, where the app will display the live tracking status of all the shipments, as shown below. tracking

PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label app by PluginHive automates shipping for your Shopify store and helps you fulfill your orders from within your online store, without any hassle.

Feel free to contact the PluginHive customer support team if you require further assistance with the app.