Optimize UPS Shipping plugin based on your UPS Account Currency

One of our customers, Mark has set up a WooCommerce store based in Ontario, Canada. Just like any other online store owner, he also had to face a lot of problems associated with setting up an online store. One of his major concerns was regarding the currency.

According to Mark:

I am currently trying to get the UPS WooCommerce plugin to work on my Canada site. I am an American business with an American UPS account. Do you know if this plugin will work if my store currency is set to CAD?


In simple words, he had set up an online store in the Canada. He is an American business and has a UPS account based on American Dollars. Now Mark is worried that whether his American UPS account will return shipping rates based on Canadian Dollars. And how will the conversions take place?

Converting Currency with UPS Shipping plugin

While working with UPS Shipping plugin, the store owners don’t need to visit any outside website or any portal. It handles almost everything from the back office. Let’s see how Mark can find the solution to his issues with UPS Shipping plugin.

Here is a step by step guide to optimize UPS Shipping plugin based on your UPS Account Currency:

  • Setting the store’s currency

The first step is setting up your online store’s currency. This can be achieved under WooCommerce settings. The following image shows how to configure your store’s currency. For reference, we will be configuring with the UPS Account Currency as USD. And the store’s currency as CAD.


  • Setting UPS API Currency

Now, since the UPS Account supports American Dollars as its currency, let’s configure it in the UPS plugin settings. The image below shows how you can change the UPS Shipping plugin settings to USD.


  • Set up the Conversion Rate

Now since the rates will be shown in Canadian Dollars, all you need to do is set a conversion rate in the UPS Shipping plugin’s settings.

For reference, 1 USD= 1.27 CAD

So the conversion rate will be 1.27. The image below shows how to enter the conversion rate.

Setting up Conversion ratesconversion rate

After saving the settings almost all the tricky part is done. Now all you need to do is check if the rates are getting generated in the desired currency or not.

Here is a look at some images showing whether the rates are getting changed or not.

shipping rates

cart page

So as you can see, it is clear from the images above, the conversions are working and the rates were shown are the USD’s equivalent in Canadian Dollars, since the store’s currency is set to Canadian Dollars.