Debug Error: Product # is missing weight. Aborting.

Both WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin and Shopify FedEx App allows you to offer live FedEx shipping rates on your Cart/Checkout page. The shipping rates, as you know, are determined based on the product’s weight, dimensions, shipping destinations, and many more. However, product weight is the first thing FedEx requires to calculate the rates and so, it’s essential you do mention it.

In this guide, we will help you solve the ‘Debug error: Product # is missing weight. Aborting.’ issue. We will take a real-life scenario where an online store owner faces a similar issue. Check out this complete guide and see how it can be solved.

How to enter product weight in WooCommerce?

As mentioned before, to have FedEx shipping rates displayed on your Cart/Checkout page, you have to enter correct product information. Here’s a real conversation between our Support team and one of our customers who is facing a small issue.

Customer: I have installed the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin, it shows the following error in the front-end. How do I solve this issue?

fedex missing weight

PluginHive Support: Thanks for the screenshot. Upon analyzing the debug mode and the response, we found an error: Product # is missing weight. Aborting. So we request you to kindly complete the following checklist:

First: Fill in the product weight and dimensions for every item/product. Refer to the image below.

fedex missing weight

Second: Enter the origin address details along with the correct origin/shipping address in the plugin settings. Refer to the image shown below.

fedex missing weight

How to enter product weight in Shopify?

Shopify store owners can also display FedEx shipping rates on their Cart/Checkout page with the help of Shopify FedEx App. Along with the rates, this App allows you to generate FedEx shipping labels in bulk, schedule FedEx Pickup, offer shipment tracking, and much more.

Once you have installed the App on your Shopify, you can manage your products under the Products section of the App. Refer to the image shown below.

Volumetric weight

Entering the correct dimensions and weight would help the App pack items into boxes. You can also manage your orders in the back-end and generate the shipping labels for them. Visit the Shopify FedEx App page to know more about the features.


This article was about how to solve the ‘Debug Error: Product # is missing weight. Aborting.’ issue when using WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin. It also shows how to enter the product weight and dimensions in your Shopify store to get real-time shipping rates.

We hope this guide would have helped you. If you have any query regarding this guide or setting up WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin or Shopify FedEx App then feel free to contact our customer support.

Happy selling!

4 thoughts on “Debug Error: Product # is missing weight. Aborting.

    • Anindo says:

      In a particular order there may not a lot of different products. You can check whether weight is assigned for each of them. This should not be a problem.

  1. lphorn
    lphorn says:

    I am having this issue where it tells me I am missing the weight, but I am not. I have all the weights and the origin code is correct. Still get the Missing Weight Error..

    • Anindo says:

      Hi Iphorn,

      Can you please provide us screenshots of the cart page showing the product and the screenshot of the product page showing the weight in it?

      Also, if the issue does not resolve in the next step, we request you to approach the PluginHive Support Team so that they can help you quickly.

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