I have an issue with printing the FedEx Shipping label

In this article, we will help you solve the Authentication Error(error 1000) when using the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label. Read more to know more about the situation.

Customer :

I have an issue with printing the FedEx Shipping label. It’s giving me an authentication error (Error 1000) however FedEx has said that our credentials are correct and the credentials are working on the front end (on our cart page). The issue shows up only on the back end when we try to print a shipping label. Is this an issue you have had before and what could it point to? The UPS plugin we have seems to work just fine and both front end and back end work.




We are trying to print label in live mode. Test mode using the test credentials on your website allows it to work fine. It’s only when we go to live mode and use our live mode credentials.

Support :

You need to have an authorization from FeEx for printing the label in live mode.

  • You need to contact FedEx with the sample label generated using Test Account details.
  • Please follow Certification Guidelines to get Advanced Services for printing the labels.