How to troubleshoot Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce?

In this tutorial, we will show you how to troubleshoot WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin to get accurate and real-time shipping rates from UPS, USPS, Stamps, DHL, and FedEx. It will help you tackle other issues like your cart page is taking too long to load, you are not getting any rates at all, or are unable to save the plugin settings.

Troubleshooting Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce

Enable Debug Mode

The first step towards finding a solution is to enable the Debug mode in the plugin settings, as shown in the screenshot below.

Enable Debug Mode

Once you enable this setting, you can view the request and response information on cart and checkout page. If a customer has entered an invalid destination address, selected a service/package that is not available in that region, and other related issues can be viewed in these sections.

Following is a sample screenshot of request and response data, when debug mode is enabled.


Request and response data, when debug mode is enabled


Request and response data, when debug mode is enabled

If the problem still persists…

If debugging shipping method doesn’t solve the problem, consider the below case.

The issues stated earlier can also occur when you have a shared hosting service, which makes difficult to understand the root cause of the problem.

In such cases, the solution is simple. In your MySQL configuration file, increase the value of max_allowed_packet. Usually, in a shared hosting service, this value is set less. You can increase this value accordingly. The recommended value is max_allowed_packet=16M.

To know more about the product, check out Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce.

3 thoughts on “How to troubleshoot Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin for WooCommerce?

  1. alkyne30687
    Joel says:

    Keep Getting the error. “There are no shipping methods available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help.” We are only using the USPS portion of the Multi-Carrier Plugin as of now. The Base address that packages will be shipped from a PO box in the US … does that need to be a physical address? Have an account with USPS. Also, not seeing the debug coding even though it is turned on. I am the developer working on this for the client who purchased the plugin from you.

    • PluginHive Editorial Team
      PluginHive Editorial Team says:

      Hi Joel,

      Ideally, the P.O. Box address should also work if it is a valid address. If you are not able to get the debug info, our team may need to check it in your website. Can you please raise a ticket via PluginHive Customer Support so that we can check it and help you with the solution?

      Just raise the ticket and let us know the ticket number so that we can prioritize your ticket.

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