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WooCommerce FedEx Shipping – GST Implementation in India

Recently the Indian government brought in a new system of taxation known as “Goods & Services Tax” to the forefront. Overnight anxiety gripped the shipping industry as businesses were not able to figure out how to incorporate GST in their shipping solutions. We were getting frantic calls daily regarding the implementation of GST in our WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin. However, we could not proceed as there were no nodes available for this in the FedEx API.

Proactive Initiative by a customer for GST Implementation in WooCommerce FedEx Shipping

Prathamesh was one such customer who took the initiative in notifying FedEx of this problem and indeed they gave an affirmative response. Since companies didn’t have time to cope with the sudden announcement of the implementation of GST, FedEx India reacted in a hurry and allowed the use of GST number in the field reserved for TIN in the request.

The following was suggested by the FedEx India team:

[porto_blockquote footer_before=”Solution suggested by FedEx” skin=”quaternary” color=”00FFFE”]
As discussed, for GST number to be included by using below tags in Shipper.
o ns1:Shipper
o ns1:Tins
o ns1:Number>GST No:1234567890
o /ns1:Tins>

PluginHive’s Solution

We have simply followed what FedEx told us to do and have updated our FedEx plugin with the latest version. So now, until FedEx comes out with a better solution, the shop owner can put his GST number in the field assigned for TIN and provide “Tin Type” as “BUSINESS_NATIONAL” as shown below :

And if you are a multi-vendor store, we have got a solution for you too. Just add the GST in the “TIN” field in your vendor management area under Users as shown below :

This will definitely work for now. So guys, Just Chill, and Happy Shipping!

Last Updated On September 17, 2018