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Top Features You Should Be Looking For in An Ideal WooCommerce Tracking Plugin

Today, managing the orders has become one of the most demanding tasks for an E-commerce. With businesses delivering locally as well as internationally, it has become very important to keep a track of your orders. It not only saves a ton of trouble for business owners in case of any mishappening but also helps in providing customers the whereabouts of their parcel.

But now the question that arises is how to keep a track of your shipments. Is there any way WooCommerce store owners can save their time as well as their customer’s time in trying to track their shipments..?

Indeed there is..!

WooCommerce Tracking plugins

Shipment tracking has become such a necessity that today there are a lot of options when it comes to WooCommrce tracking plugins. There are tons of shipment tracking plugins available for businesses varying in scale, investment and functionality. Having decent options is not the real question when it comes to WooCommerce tracking plugins. Instead, choosing the one that suits your business requirements requires the additional effort.

In this article, we will be discussing the factors that make up an ideal WooCommerce tracking plugin. This article will help you in choosing the right WooCommerce shipment tracking plugin that will help strengthen your business.

Must-have features in an Ideal WooCommerce Tracking Plugin

Every once in a while we get confused by the options available to us. Today we will discuss some of the most important features that will help you in choosing the best WooCommece shipment tracking plugin for your website.

Support for Different Shipping Carriers

One of the key features to look for in a WooComerce tracking plugin is the ability to support different shipping carriers. Today, most of the business owners are using some of the most popular shipping carriers in the world, such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. However, this doesn’t mean that these shipping carriers should be the standard for the WooCommerce tracking plugins.

An ideal WooCommerce tracking plugin must be flexible enough to allow business owners to add or remove a particular shipping carrier based on their convenience. Moreover, apart from the ability to add shipping carriers, nothing would be better if the plugin provides built-in support to most of the shipping carriers. This way you wouldn’t have to configure the plugin for every other shipping carriers.

Provide Tracking Details to Store Owners and Customers

It is very convenient for the business owners to have the tracking details of each and every order they ship. However, it still doesn’t solve the problems for the customers. Every time the customers want to track their orders, they will have to contact the owner of the store or the customer support and ask for the tracking details of their order. For a small to medium scale business, spending this much time and money on entertaining such customer queries is never the best option. Instead, for an ideal WooCommerce tracking plugin, it must make the tracking details readily available to not only the store owner but to the customers too.

Customization of Tracking Message

Since we were discussing the customer and their convenience, one of the most important factors responsible for the success or failure of a business is how satisfied their customers are. Sending the tracking details to the customers is very convenient for them. However, adding a personal touch will only add to that convenience and will result in an overall better customer experience. In such a scenario, the ideal WooCommerce tracking plugin must provide means to customize the way tracking details are sent to the customers. Be it an email template or a custom text message, it is always great to make your customers feel that you care about them.

Order Auto-Completion

Automation is one of the most important aspects that should be considered as the standard for an ideal WooCommerce tracking plugin. As we discussed earlier, with the number of customers and orders a WooCommerce store owner handles in a week, it becomes very tedious to handle every task manually. Hence, even if there is a task as simple as completing the orders that can be automated with the use of a plugin, it could be the game-changer for most of the business owners.

Dealing with Bulk Tracking Data

WooCommerce store owners can easily scale up their business to any part of the world. Moreover, there are businesses using WooCommerce who deal with more than 50 orders per week. Besides, having different shipping carriers providing different quality of service in various regions also forces the store owners to use not one, but multiple shipping carriers to fulfill their orders. Hence, this requires advanced functionality where the business owner can handle the tracking data in bulk. One of the ways to do so is using some mechanism to import the tracking details for hundreds of orders using a CSV file. This will help decrease the time spent on just updating the tracking details for the orders to a great extent.

Automatically Schedule WooCommerce Tracking Import

As we discussed, how automation can help to decrease the work-load of the business owners, the ideal WooCommerce tracking plugin must have a way to automate the task of updating the tracking details. Not only that, the best option that a store owner can think of would be to schedule the process of updating the tracking details just once. This way it would be more convenient for the store owners to just schedule importing the tracking details once so that it can automatically start after some interval of time.

Easy to Use

One of the most under-rated features in any WooCommerce plugin is how easily it can be used by the business owners. Dealing with the online business, the store owners may or may not be technically sound. Hence, the interface, as well as the working of the plugin, must have a pleasant and easier approach. Being the ideal plugin a WooCommerce tracking plugin must have an easy to use interface. Moreover, since WooCommerce covers a large geographical area, it would be great that the plugin supports multiple languages.

Value For Money

The one which provides best value for money
The one which provides the best value for money

As we discussed earlier, WooCommerce is used by small, medium as well as large-scale business owners. Hence, in the case of small to medium scale business owners, which makes the most share of WooCommerce users, it is very important that the ideal WooCommerce tracking plugin must be budget friendly. Especially when it comes to small-scale business owners, who don’t really require the advanced features that most of the plugins provide. The cost of the ideal WooCommerce tracking plugin must directly reflect its value for money.


From a personal point of view, WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro is one of the best plugins that comes close enough to be called as the perfect WooCommerce tracking plugin. The following things make the plugin stand out from its competitors and make it the best option business owners can have.

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro
WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro
  • Shipping Carriers Support

With more than 80+ Shipment Carriers preconfigured in the plugin, WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro plugin allows store owners to add or remove a shipping carrier based on their preference.

  • Providing Tracking Details to Store Owners and Customers

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro allows store owners to either manually enter tracking details or to upload them automatically. This way the tracking details will be visible on the orders page of the respective order(s). Moreover, the plugin also provides customers the shipping details on My Accounts page along with the order details. And once the order is marked complete the tracking details are automatically attached to the Order Completion Email sent to the customers.

  • Custom Tracking Message

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro allows you to customize the tracking message that is attached to the Order Completion Email. This way you can set a template message and make sure your customers get a sense of personal touch while checking the email.

  • Automatically changing the Order Status to Complete

The plugin while importing the tracking details of the orders, provides an option to automatically mark the updated orders as Complete. This way if in case there are a lot of orders, it saves a lot of time of the store owner to manually mark the orders complete. Also, since the Order Completion Email sends the tracking details automatically once the order is complete, the whole process is automated to save a lot of time per order.

  • Automatically Importing Bulk Data

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro plugin is a pro when it comes to automating the process of updating bulk orders with the tracking details. For this, the plugin provides an option to import the tracking details via CSV Import. This way the store owners can update the tracking details in the CSV file and import the file to update the tracking details.

However, the plugin provides an advanced feature to schedule when the tracking details will be updated automatically for the orders using Tracking Data import via FTP. The plugin allows store owners to choose the time interval when the import will begin and after what interval should it start again. This way the only thing that the store owners need to do is update the CSV file on the server and let the plugin do its job.


So in this article, we discussed some of the advanced and necessary features that you should look for while searching for a WooCommerce Tracking plugin. With all the factors mentioned, it must be less confusing now choosing the best WooCommerce tracking plugin. However, if there are some more doubts regarding the choice of plugins, here are some of the best WooCommerce Tracking plugins available. This list contains the plugins that are both cheaper and also offer some of the most advanced features when it comes to WooCommerce order tracking.

Last Updated On September 21, 2018