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WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Based on State and Shipping Class

In this article, we will show you how to set shipping cost based shipping class and destination state using WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin.  We will discuss the real-life business case and will show you how to set the shipping rule.

The Business Case – Shipping Rates Based On Destination State and Shipping class

The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro is one of the best plugins to set shipping rate at a cart page for the complex business scenarios. You can set the table rate such a way that you can display shipping rates based on the shipping class and the destination State. To understand let’s take a real-life business case.

Hi i want to set the shipping rate based on the below condictions using WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin
Shipping class : Hoodie – for Arizona – $10, New Mexico  – $ 25, Texas – $ 25.
Shipping class : Belt – for Arizona- $ 20, New Mexico   – $ 35, Texas – $ 35. How can i achive this
Now let us transform his business case into a table and try implementing the above Shipping Rules into WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro. Have a look below!
Note: the above condition does not mention what happens when both the products are ordered together by our customer, thus I have assumed the shipping rates in these scenarios on the table.

Shipping Method Name States Shipping Class Base Cost
Hoodie + Arizona Arizona Hoodies 10
Hoodie + New Mexico New Mexico Hoodies 25
Hoodie + Texas Texas Hoodies 25
Belt + Arizona Arizona Belt 20
Belt + New Mexico New Mexico Belt 35
Belt + Texas Texas Belt 35
Hoodie + Belt + Arizona Arizona Hoodie, Belt 15
Hoodie + Belt + New Mexico New Mexico Hoodie, Belt 40
Hoodie + Belt + Texas Texas Hoodie, Belt 40

Solution using WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro Plugin

Lets set the shipping rules based on the above tables using WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro Plugin.

You need to first set up the shipping rules under plugin settings. Follow these steps, WooCommerce —> Settings —> Shipping —> Shipping Pro.

Now, let us select the columns that we are going to use to set the shipping rules. For the above conditions, we would be needing the following matrix columns:

Method Title, State list, Shipping Class, Base Cost

Also, enable Calculation Logic (AND) And Strict Logic (AND). You can refer the below image:



After finishing the above steps, lets now set the shipping rules based on the table above. you can refer to the image below.

After you add this shipping rules you will get desired results. You check this by adding the orders to the cart page. You can check for all 9 conditions whether you are getting the right shipping rate at a cart page. Let us show you the results for three conditions:

1st case:- Shipping class: Hoodie and State: New Mexico

2nd case:- Shipping class: Belt and State: Texas

2nd case:- Shipping class: Belt and Hoodie, and State: Arizona



And that’s how you set the shipping cost based on the destination Staes and shipping class using the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro Plugin. We hope this guide would have helped you configure your business case as well. Check out WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro for more information and features.

If you have any doubts or need help setting up Tabel rate shipping on your WooCommerce-based website then feel free to Contact PluginHive Customer Support. Our support team should be able to help you out.

Good luck! 😊

Last Updated On July 08, 2019