WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin 2.1.0: Now with return shipping labels

If you require a Canada Post shipping solution that provides you with return shipping labels, along with the basic functionality of live Canada Post rates, shipping labels, and shipment tracking, then this article will surely help you.

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin

WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin is the best shipping solution you can find for your shipments originating from Canada. The plugin already supports amazing features like,

  • Real-time shipping rates from Canada Post on your Cart page, Checkout page, and Orders page.
  • Support for all Canada Post shipping services
    • Domestic Services
    • International Services
    • USA-based services
    • Lettermail
  • One-click Canada Post Shipping Label Printing
  • Live Shipment Tracking
  • One-click Canada Post Manifest Generation
  • Pickup Requests

and much more..!

However, based on the customer requirements, here we are with a newer and better version of the WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin, v.2.1.0.

What’s New in Canada Post Shipping Plugin v.2.1.0?

WooCommerce Canada Post shipping plugin [2.1.0] comes with a lot of optimization and enhancements, along with some major updates. We will discuss the major updates with the plugin in this article. However, you can check out the whole list of updates in the changelog section.

Canada Post Return Labels for Contract and Non-Contract Users

A lot of store owners have requested the feature to have the ability to generate and download the return shipment label along with the shipping label. This will help them save a lot of time and effort which they would spend getting the labels from the Canada Post website or the post office.

With WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin, store owners can now get the return labels directly from the Edit Order page.

Canada Post return labels

While generating the shipping labels, you will find the option to Create aReturn Shipment for the order. On clicking that option, you will be able to print the return shipping label by clicking the Print Return Label button, as shown in the image below.

Print return labels

And below is the image of the return shipping labels that you will get on clicking the Print Return Label button.

Return Label

Note: Canada Post only supports return shipment labels for domestic orders. Hence, you will not be able to generate and print the return shipping labels in case of an International Shipment.

Allow Customers To get Return Labels on the My Accounts Page

Once you have successfully generated the return labels, the only thing required is to make sure the customers get the return labels. You can make it available for the customers to download from the My Accounts section on your website, by enabling the option shown in the image below.

Allow customers to print return labels

Once you enable this setting, the customers can access the return shipping labels directly from the My Accounts section, as shown in the image below.

Print return labels on My Accounts page

Select the Sender State Code instead of Entering One

For those store owners, who are still confused about the Sender State Code option in the plugin settings, we have decided to provide a drop-down and listed all the Canadian States. This way you can dive directly to the functionality of the plugin instead of spending time finding the correct state/province code for your address.

Sender State Code

Display the Exact Estimated Delivery Date instead of the Number Of Days

By default, Canada Post provides both the number of days remaining for the delivery as well as the estimated delivery date. However, for simplification, and on customer demand, the plugin will now display the exact delivery date instead of the number of days remaining for delivery.

Estimated delivery date by Canada Post

WooCommerce 3.5 Compatibility

Great news for all the WooCommerce users who require a complete shipping solution for their online stores in Canada. WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin is fully compatible with the latest WooCommerce 3.5.

So, these were the major updates in the latest version of WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin [2.1.0]. If you have any queries regarding these new features, feel free to contact us.