WooCommerce Multi Vendor FedEx Shipping Guide with WCFM Marketplace

This guide will help you fulfill orders using FedEx carrier directly from your WooCommerce Multi vendor store. We will cover some of the major challenges like automating live FedEx shipping rates on the cart page and generating shipping labels for each vendor from the WooCommerce store and see how FedEx Shipping plugin is the best solution when it comes to WooCommerce multi-vendor shipping.

We will showcase how the FedEx Shipping plugin along with the WCFM Marketplace plugin helps you deliver a great shipping experience to your vendors and fulfill orders using the vendor’s shipping account.

WooCommerce Multi Vendor Shipping – How FedEx Shipping Plugin Works With WCFM?

In order to have an end-to-end shipping solution for your WooCommerce store with multiple vendors, you will have to set up the following plugins and see how these plugins work together to provide the best shipping experience.

Setting up the plugins

WCFM (WooCommerce Frontend Manager) Marketplace

  • Creating Vendors – You can add as many vendors as you have by entering the store name and address. Each vendor will have its own dashboard.

WooCommerce Multi Vendors list

  • Creating Products for Vendors – There are two options available.
    • The vendor can add new product

Add new vendor

The store owner can assign products to the vendors under the product details.

Assign product to vendors

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin

  • Set up the FedEx Account under the plugin settings

Add FedEx account

  • Set up the store address

Add store location

  • Set the ship from address preference to “Vendor Address”

ship from address preference

  • Head to the “Label Generation” settings. Make sure that Vendor is selected under “Send Shipping Label via Email”.

Send Shipping Label via Email

For more details on the setting up of the FedEx Plugin, head to Setting Up WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin.

Advanced Shipping for WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin

This plugin will act as a bridge and allows your vendors to set up their UPS shipping account. You can also change the way the cart behaves when two products from two different vendors are added to the cart. To be specific, this plugin has two options – Split and Sum, and Split and Separate, which will be explained in the coming section.

  • Set the carriers to vendor account – Head to “My Account” under the vendor account details.

Set the carriers to vendor account

Now, click on “Account details” and head to the FedEx Account Details. Enter the FedEx account details and save.

WooCommerce Multi Vendor carrier account

  • Set the calculation of shipping – Under the Multi-vendor plugin settings, set the “Display Shipping Rates On Cart” to Split and Separate. Now, the shipping rates will be displayed at the cart separately for both vendors.

split and separate

Under the Multi-vendor plugin settings, if you set the “Display Shipping Rates On Cart” to Split and Sum, the shipping rates will be displayed as the sum of shipping rates of both the vendors.

split and sum

WooCommerce Multi Vendor Order Fulfilment using FedEx

Once the vendors have set up their products, the store admin can view which products are assigned to which vendor. The below image shows two products that are assigned to different vendors.

products assigned to different vendors

  • Once the customer adds both these products to the cart, he can see the vendor store name is displayed under each product.

WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace

  • On the cart page, the shipping rates will be shown separately for each vendor if “Split and Separate” feature is selected.

Vendor 1 shipping rates

vendor 2 shipping rates

The shipping rates are shown as the sum of the shipping rates of both vendors if the “Split and Sum” feature is selected.

vendor 1&2 combined shipping rates

  • Once the order is placed, an email will be sent to each of the vendors which will contain the order information of their product. Also, an email will be sent to the admin as well.

order confirmation email to vendor 1

order confirmation email to vendor 2

  • Go to the order details and change the order status to processing. Now, complete the order by selecting the order and generating the FedEx shipping label.

print fedex label

  • Once the labels are generated, emails will be sent to both the vendors and the admin. Now, the vendors can print the labels and ship the product.

email with label to vendor 1

email with label to vendor 2


We hope this guide helps you handle shipping from your multi-vendor store using the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping PluginWCFM Marketplace and the Advanced Shipping for WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Plugin. Also, we hope this guide gives some ideas on how to run your multi-vendor store more smoothly.

If you have any doubts or need help setting up UPS shipping on your WooCommerce Multi vendor store, then feel free to contact PluginHive Customer Support. Our team will surely help you solve any issues that you face.