WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments v.3.0.0 – Database Update

So you have decided to update the WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments plugin to the latest version – v.3.0.0. Read along to know what is new in this latest version and how you can update it without any hassle.

How to update WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments Plugin v.3.0.0

Please carry out the below steps in order to update the plugin and apply the database changes. 

  1. Please go to Plugin Installer
  2. Update the Bookings and Appointments plugin to v3.0.0
  3. Navigate to Bookings -> Settings -> Bookings v.3.0.0 Database Update as shown below:

  • Kindly read out the instructions as shown below:


  • Update all the Add-on plugins installed/activated on your site (if any) to the latest versions for compatibility with v.3.0.0 as shown below:


  • Kindly check the Required WordPress Environment and make the necessary changes if any.


  • As a final step, you will be required to select “Yes” if you wish to proceed with the database migration. 


  • Migration Progress -> After entering this page, kindly click on Refresh to see the details as shown below:


With this, you have completed the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin Version 3.0.0 update. 

WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments plugin v.3.0.0 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is this release important and what is different about this release?

WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments plugin Version 3.0.0 includes changes to enhance the performance and Booking calendar loading speed. It involves changes to the database and availability calculation code. The database changes require you to carry out some simple steps when you update the plugin. 

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  • What happens if I update 3.0.0 on the live site without realizing I need to test it on a staging site?

There is no need to worry as the plugin update to 3.0.0 alone will not cause any changes to the current version. You will need to complete the database update steps to complete the process and the changes to take effect. Having said that there may be no impact on your site if you have only updated the plugin. 

  • I have updated  3.0.0 on my live site without testing it on staging. I am having some issues. Can I revert back to version 2.3.6?

You could revert back to version 2.3.6 by following the below steps :

  1. Visit Bookings Settings -> Calendar Display
  2. Rollback 3.0.0 code changes: Un-check this box to rollback 3.0.0 code changes.