Book Online Diving Adventure with Additional Services using WooCommerce Bookings


In this article, we will cover how you can set up an Online Diving Adventure Booking website with the help of WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin. This article will also cover how you can add additional services to your bookings using the WooCommerce Product Add-on plugin.

Online Diving Adventure Booking with Additional Services

According to Sam, one of our customers who provides online diving adventure booking from his WooCommerce website, “…we have a couple of diving courses that we offer for our customers. These courses range from 2 to 7 days based on the course you have selected. We also offer additional services like accommodation along with the optional service of pickup. Basically, these services comprise of,

  • Accommodation
    • Single Room – $43 per day based on the course selected
    • Double Room – $50 per day based on the course selected
    • Triple Room – $57 per day based on the course selected
  • Pickup Services (optional)
    • None
    • Downtown Pickup – Free of cost
    • Airport Pickup – $36

Different courses also have different booking costs,

  • 2-Day Diving Course – $150
  • 4-Day Diving Course – $350
  • 7-Day Diving Course – $650

How can I list all my services so that customers can choose and place a booking..?

Using Bookings and Appointments plugin with Product Add-ons

Sam can use the following plugins together in order to achieve his requirements.

The plugin will allow him to create and set up Bookable Products in the form of Diving Courses, with all the availability and booking costs as per his requirement.

  • WooCommerce Product Add-on plugin

The plugin will let him create and display additional services along with the bookable courses.

How to Set Up?

In order to set up Sam’s scenario, follow the steps below.

  • Install and activate the Product Add-on plugin
  • Visit your Bookable Product and click on Edit
  • Visit the Bookings tab and set the Booking Period to a Fixed Number of 2 days.
    You can change the duration of all your bookable products (different courses) based on your requirements.
  • Visit the Booking Cost tab and set the Base Cost to $150.
    You can change the base cost of all your bookable products (different courses) based on your requirements.
  • Visit the Add-ons tab and click on New Add-on Group
    • Select Radio Buttons from the Group drop-down
    • Provide Group Name as Accommodations and provide a suitable description in Group Description
    • Under Default Label provide the options of Accommodations along with the Price. If you have multiple options click on New Option to add more fields and their prices.
    • Similarly, set up another Add-on Group for Pickup Services
  • Update/Publish the product
  • Once the setup is complete, the product will look similar to the image shown below.

You can clearly see the additional Accommodation as well as Pickup services being selected with the Scuba Diving Course booking. Besides, the plugin is also dynamically calculating the final booking cost along with the additional charges.

Final Thoughts…

This article is a complete tutorial for setting up an Online Booking store with additional services with the help of the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin along with the Product Add-ons plugin by WooCommerce. This way you can allow your customers to book your products and provide multiple additional services which they can choose.

For more details about the plugins, you can visit the official page of the WooCommerce Product Add-ons plugin. If you want to know more about the pricing and features of the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin, feel free to check out PluginHive’s Bookings page.