Troubleshooting guide for Shopify Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx

Automating FedEx shipping with Shopify has become easier with the Shopify Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx. The app helps you display carrier-calculated shipping rates at checkout, print FedEx shipping labels from the merchant dashboard, automatically fulfill the Shopify orders along with FedEx tracking number, and much more.

This document explains the common mistakes or issues that occur while setting up the app and how you can fix them. 


No FedEx Rates are displayed on the Shopify checkout page!

This happens when the below-given configurations are missing or incorrect. Please follow the below instructions to resolve this. 

Ensure the FedEx account has been configured correctly


In order to display shipping rates at Shopify checkout, you have to enable carrier calculated shipping on your store.

Enable the FedEx services under the App rates settings

Enable the FedEx services under the App rates settings

Enable the FedEx Services & Future Services under the Shopify Profile settings

After you enable the FedEx services in the app, head to Shopify Settings --> Shipping. Under the required shipping zone, add the rate and select FedEx Rates Service (Rates provided by the app). Do not forget to enable the FedEx services and Future services.


Verify if the Default location is correct

Ensure the correct address has been configured as the default location in the App and the recipient address is in the serviceable location for FedEx. If the recipient’s address is outside the serviceable location, the FedEx services won’t be displayed.


Ensure that both Business and Residential Addresses are enabled for checkout rates

Under the rate settings in the app, ensure that you select “Display Rates for” as “Business and Residential Addresses“. If you select this option as “Business Addresses only”, the FedEx rates won’t be displayed if the customer gives any residential address and vice versa.

Residential Addresses are enabled

Ensure that the “Max weight” is set up correctly for Weight-based packing method

If you are using the Weight-based packing method, ensure you have set the “Max weight” based on the product weight. For example, assume your product weight is 10 lbs and you have set up the Max weight as 5 lbs. Now, if a customer places an order of two products, none of your products can be packed as the Maximum weight available is 5 lbs and your product weight is 10 lbs. In such cases, the packaging process fails, and no FedEx rates will be displayed at checkout.


Mismatch in FedEx account rates and Rates returned by the app!

The rates mismatch could happen due to incorrect or missing configurations in the Ship From Address, Ship To Address, Weight, Dimensions, Package Type, Special Services, FedEx Services & Rates.

It is very easy to troubleshoot these using the Rates Log. Head to App dashboard --> Rates Log and follow the below instructions.


1. Ship From Address
Verify the ship from the address. If you are having multiple ship from addresses, ensure that the correct address is set as the default location for calculating rates. You can set the default location within the app’s “Location” settings and edit the address if required.


2. Ship To Address
This is the address provided by the customer at checkout. Verify the shipping to address and ensure that the address is within the serviceable area of FedEx so that, there is no extra charge added.

3. Weight
Ensure that you have added the actual weight of the product under the Shopify product section.

Add the product weight

If you haven’t added the weight, the app will calculate the FedEx rates based on the default weight (500gm), which may lead to a mismatch in rates. If required, you can change the default weight under the “Auto settings” within the app.


4. Dimensions
The dimensions of your product are required to calculate the rates if you enable “Volumetric Weight” under the Packaging settings.


You can add the product dimensions under the “Product” settings in the app.


If you enable the volumetric weight and do not add your actual product dimensions, the app calculates the rates based on the default dimensions (10x10x10 cm). So, make sure you add the dimensions correctly so that, there is no difference in the rates.

5. Package Type
Verify the package type that you have used for packing, as the FedEx rates vary based on the package type used. If you have used the FedEx boxes, the box type will be shown here and if you have used custom boxes, the package type will be “Your Packaging”.

6. Special Services
This section shows if you have enabled any FedEx special services like Saturday services, COD, etc. If you have enabled any, charges may be added based on the service.

7. FedEx Services & Rates
You can also see the FedEx Services & Rates available. This includes the FedEx Published Rates as well as your FedEx Account Rates (negotiated rates if available).

Now visit FedEx Rate Finder. Provide all the details to find the rates from FedEx. Make sure that this rate matches the rates provided by the app.


FedEx Shipping Label generation fails and the status is “Authentication Failed”!

This error occurs when the FedEx label evaluation process is not completed for your account. You will be able to generate FedEx shipping labels only if this label evaluation process is completed. As a customer of PluginHive, you just have to contact us with the following FedEx production key details to complete this process for your account.

  • Company Name
  • Account Number
  • Meter Number
  • Authentication Key
  • Web Services Password

Once the FedEx label evaluation process is completed, you will be able to generate the FedEx shipping labels. To understand the whole process of label evaluation and how to enable FedEx label generation, visit how to get FedEx production credentials and enable FedEx label generation for your account.

FedEx Shipping Label generation fails and the status is “Auto Canceled”!

Make sure that all the products in the order are in stock for the default location configured.


FedEx Shipping Label is not being generated in “Auto Mode”!

Ensure that the order selected is not in the fulfilled state


Verify if the Preferred FedEx service is available for all the addresses

There are cases when, the Preferred Services under the “Auto settings” have been set up but, these services are not available for a particular address. In such conditions, FedEx label generation fails. For example, you have set up “FedEx International Priority” as the Preferred service for International addresses, and this service is not available for this address, the FedEx label generation fails.


Ensure that COD is not enabled for International orders

Ensure that COD is not enabled as a mode of payment for international orders since most countries don’t support COD. Also, for countries in which COD is acceptable, choose the correct mode of COD. For example, in India, the accepted COD mode is Cash. By default, the app enables “All” modes of COD. So, it is important to make sure you select the right method.

FedEx Web Services Time-out Error

While trying to generate FedEx labels, you may find an error stating “TO-001: FedEx Web Services took too long to respond“. This is an error from FedEx, which has to be solved by them to continue the label generation process.

Selected FedEx Boxes are not being used for packaging!

This happens when your product’s weight & dimensions do not fit into your chosen FedEx box weight & dimension limit. 

Let’s say you have chosen FedEx Pak for packaging. 


The FedEx Pak box will be selected for packing only if your product’s weight & dimensions can fit into FedEx Pak’s weight & dimension limit. So, only If your product weight & dimensions are less than that of the selected FedEx box, this box will be used for the process of packaging. 

Now, if you did not configure the product weight & dimensions, the app will automatically use the default weight & dimensions available under the Auto Settings. By default, the weight will be 500gm and the dimensions will be 10x10x10 cm.


So, to use FedEx Pak, you need to either configure your product weight & dimensions under the FedEx Pak limit or set the default product weight & dimensions to less than the FedEx Pak limit. Also, ensure that all units of weight & dimensions are the same.

To understand the different packaging methods and save shipping costs with the app, visit how to pack products optimally and save shipping costs with Shopify FedEx app.

Product weight is used as 500g, while the Actual weight is much more than that!

This issue occurs, when you have not configured any weight for your products. If you have not configured any weight for your products under Shopify, the app automatically selects the default weight, ie. 500gm (1.1 lbs).

To avoid this, make sure you add the actual weight of the product under the Shopify products section.

Add the product weight

For example, if you have configured the product weight as 3 lbs (1360gm), the app will use this weight to calculate the shipping cost. If you haven’t configured any weight, the app will use the default weight. If all your products have similar weights, you can set the default weight to a fixed value, so that, you don’t have to set the weight for each product.


Not able to Request for FedEx Pickup!

When you try to request Pickup for your orders, you may get an “Authentication failed” error as shown below.

FedEx Pickup error

This occurs when the Pickup Web service is not activated for your account. You have to contact FedEx support and make sure that this is enabled on your account.

Once the Pickup service is enabled on your account, ensure that a valid Pickup Time has been configured in the app settings. The Pickup Start Time should be at least 2 hours later than the current time. If not, the pickup will be automatically scheduled for the next day. Also, assure that the Pickup address is correct.


Not able to generate FedEx Return Labels!

Ensure that the “Reason for Return” is supported by the particular country. Also, for international shipments, only the following reasons are valid.

  • Exhibition Trade Show
  • Faulty Item
  • For Repair
  • Rejected
  • Item for Loan
  • Trial
  • Other

If you enable Return label generation along with forward labels, there can be an error in return label generation, if there are multiple packages. FedEx return label generation is only possible for single packages.

FedEx One Rate services are not displayed at Shopify checkout!

Ensure that you have enabled FedEx One Rate under Auto settings as shown below.


FedEx One Rate option is available only for the FedEx boxes. Ensure that you are using the Box Packing method with FedEx boxes for the packaging process.


If you face any issues or have any queries regarding the app, do contact our support.