Print Shipping Labels with Shopify FedEx App

Using the Shopify Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx makes it extremely easy to print shipping labels for your FedEx shipments. In this article, we will explain one of the methods of generating shipping labels for an order. 

The app allows you to generate shipping labels in two ways;

1. Automatically, by selecting all the orders: In this method, you can select all the orders, and directly generate the shipping labels, provided all the required setup is done within the app settings. To know more about this method, visit bulk shipping label generation made easy with the Shopify Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx.

2. Generate shipping labels by choosing the packaging settings, insurance, and special services, for each order: In this method, you can generate shipping labels for each order by choosing the necessary options like packaging settings, insurance for the particular order, special services like “Signature on delivery”, custom duties payer type, etc.

This method allows you to completely modify the packaging settings. You can add a new package, edit the available packages, split the package, etc. This method is useful, especially for some orders when you will need to choose different options like enabling insurance for only one order, enabling signature on delivery for a particular order, choosing the customs duties payer type, etc.

In this article, we will focus on how to generate shipping labels using the Shopify Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx for a single order by choosing the necessary options. We will also see how to handle package settings in the label generation process and the process of label cancellation.

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How to generate FedEx Shipping Label by choosing the required options?

In order to generate the FedEx shipping label for an order by manually choosing the necessary options, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the Orders section and go to the “details” of the order for which you want to generate the FedEx shipping label.

Shopify Orders Page

Step 2: Click on More Actions and then on Generate Labels to manually generate FedEx shipping labels for the selected order.

Generating Label for a single order

Now, the page will redirect to the Manual label generation page.

Select the proper From Address for the FedEx label. For stores with a single location, there will be only one address available.

The packages will be already generated based on the Packaging Method created in the app settings. You can Add, Edit, Adjust, Split, Remove, or regenerate the packages according to your choice.


You will also have options to enable or disable insurance to the package, generate return labels along with the forward labels, choose the signature option & duties payment type, and terms of sale. Once these are selected, refresh & choose the rates, and click on “generate label“.

Generate label

How to choose package settings during label generation?

As mentioned above, you can add, edit, adjust, split, remove, or regenerate the packages according to your requirement. 

fedex manual label generation

Adding and Removing a Package

When you click on “generate label” for an order, the packages are automatically generated for the particular order. Now, if you want to change the automatically generated package and create a new one, you can remove the existing package and add a new one.

While adding a new package, you will have the option to select the type of box and the quantity of products to be added into the package.

Add a new package

Edit the Package

This option is available to edit the automatically generated package. Similar to the “Add” package option, you will have the option to choose the type of box and the quantity of products to be added in the box.

Add custom sized package

Adjust the Package

Using this option, you can adjust the existing package properties like Weight, Length, Width, and Height of the package.

Adjust package options

Split the Package


Using the split package option, you can split a package into the required number of boxes. You can also select the type of boxes to which the product is being split. To use this option, you need to ensure that only a single product is packed into a box.

For example, you have a refrigerator as a product that weighs 80 lbs. It is packed into FedEx Large box that costs $100. When the split option is used, the number of boxes selected is 4 and the box type is “FedEx Medium box”. Now, the large box is removed and 4 medium boxes will be generated. The weight is changed to 20 lbs per box and the price is also changed to $25 per box.

Regenerate the package

This is an option to reset the packages. Once this option is clicked, all the available packages will be deleted and the packages will be generated again based on the order.

How to Cancel the generated FedEx shipping labels?

In order to cancel the FedEx shipping label that you have created, follow the steps below:

Go to the Shipping section under the Shopify FedEx app. Here, you can find a list of orders for which FedEx shipping labels have been generated.

cancel shipping label

Click on Cancel Label for the order for which you want to cancel the shipment.

You can see that the canceled label appears under the “pending orders” section. Also, there is an option to retry/create a new label for the canceled order if required.

retry cancelled label

If you face any issues with FedEx special shipments or have any queries on setting up the app, do contact our support.

Good luck!