Set up Discounted Rates for Different Seasons with WooCommerce Bookings and Cost Adjustment Add-on

In this guide, we will tell you how you can set up different discounted rates for different times of the year using the WooCommerce Bookings plugin and Bookings Cost Adjustment Add-on. We will take a real-life example to help you understand how it can be achieved.

About Bookings Cost Adjustment Add-on

The Bookings Cost Adjustment Add-on allows users to adjust Booking Cost for Bookable Products based on the desired booking duration and slots selected by the customer on the calendar.

Pre-requisites for the setup

Business Case

Let us go through a real-life business case and see how the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin helps.

Hello. There is a reservable product with three prices,
1. In high season ($150 / day, July and August)

2. Medium season ($120 / day, May, June and September)

3. And Low season ($100 / day, rest of the year)

I need to set a discount by the number of days AND by date range. That is, the admin needs to apply to 10% discount if you book more than 15 days in high season (July and August), a 10% discount if you book more than 10 days in medium season (May, June, and September) and a 10% discount if you book more than 7 days in low season(rest of the year). 

Solution using WooCommerce Bookings Plugin

Kindly follow the below steps to achieve your complete requirement:

  • Install the plugin on your WooCommerce store and click on plugin settings.
  • In the plugin settings page, choose the Product, and the time range from the drop-down. For example, in high season(July and August), if we want to provide a 10% discount for all those customers who have booked for more than 15 days, below is how the settings should look like:
cost adjustment
Range of months (July to August) is the period of high season

Note: Block count is the number of days from which the discount should get applied (like 15 days or more, in the screenshot above)
and to provide a 10% discount, the cost should be provided as “multiplied by 0.90”.

  • Provide the booking cost for high season, mid-season, and low season under the Booking Costs tab within the product settings page.

Voila, now we will be able to achieve the business requirement using both the plugin and the add-on as illustrated below with the examples. We’ve also attached the images along to help you get an idea.

Case 1: For High Season(July): Per day cost $150

cost adjustment

Case 2: 7 days cost $150 * 7 = $1,050

cost adjustment

Case 3: 15 days cost $150 * 15 * 0.90 = $2,025

cost adjustment

Final thoughts

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin is a one-stop booking solution when it comes to WooCommerce store owners. And now with even more customization with the add-ons, like Bookings Cost Adjustment Add-on, you can do much more and fulfill even more business requirements catering to a wide range of customers.

If you have any queries based on the plugins discussed above, or you have a complex booking scenario, feel free to contact our Contact PluginHive Customer Support. We will try our best to help you find a solution and set up your online WooCommerce store.

Good Luck! 😊