Bulk Shipping Label Generation Made Easy with Shopify FedEx App

Shopify store owners spend a lot of time dealing with their orders. A small to medium-scale online shop will have at least 50 orders per week. The numbers may creep up to 100 or even more than that for a huge e-commerce website.

For small-scale online shops, calculating FedEx shipping estimate, generating and printing the shipping labels may seem less time-consuming. However, when the same process has to be done with more than 100 orders, it becomes a tougher task.

Even though Shopify provides with some of the features related to shipping, you will have to use a third party solution which will help you in the complete process of shipping.

This article will show you how the Shopify FedEx App can help store owners generate and print shipping labels in bulk. Let us take a look at the FedEx rates, labels and tracking app and its features.

Shopify FedEx App for your Shopify store

FedEx Rates, Labels and Tracking App is a complete shipping solution for the Shopify stores. If you require a shipping app for your Shopify store that will integrate your store with FedEx, go for the Shopify FedEx App.

This app offers Shopify store owners to get real-time FedEx shipping rates for domestic as well as international shipments at the checkout. Also, the app offers advanced features such as bulk shipping label creation, shipment tracking across the globe, etc.,

shopify fedex app

Now, let’s have a quick look at the main features of this app.

  • Generate and Download FedEx Shipping Labels

Set FedEx as the default shipping service for your domestic and international orders and generate the shipping labels for your orders as soon as the customer places the order.

  • Seamless Integration between FedEx and Shopify

This app helps in seamless integration between FedEx and Shopify. Just enter your FedEx credentials and the app provides you with real-time FedEx shipping rates along with the negotiated rates from FedEx.

  • Supports Domestic, International and Freight Shipping

This app supports all FedEx Domestic, International and Freight Shipping Services. You don’t need to have multiple shipping solutions for your store.

  • Shipping Rates Adjustment

You can add handling charges as a fixed value or as a percentage value. Also, you can provide shipping discounts to your customers by adjusting the shipping rates based on different FedEx Services. You don’t need an online store to generate labels and update tracking information to order.

The online store is required only to show live rates during checkout. If you want to know more about the features of the app, kindly visit the Shopify FedEx app  page

Creating Shipping Labels for Shopify Orders

First, let us see how to create a shipping label for a single order. In order to generate the FedEx shipping label for a single order, there are two methods; Manual and Automatic.

For creating the label using Manual Mode, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Order section and go to the “details” of the order for which you want to generate FedEx shipping label.

Step 2: Click on More Actions and then on Generate Labels to manually generate FedEx shipping labels for the selected order.

shopify fedex app

Now, the page will get redirected to label generation page.

  • Select the correct From Address for the FedEx label. For stores with a single location, there will be a single address available.
  • The packages will be generated based on the Packaging Method created in the app settings page.

For creating the label using Automatic Mode, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Orders.
  • Select the order for which you want to create the FedEx shipping label.
  • Click on Actions and then on Auto-Generate Labels to generate FedEx shipping labels for the required order.

shopify fedex app

Creating Shipping Labels for Shopify Orders in bulk

In order to generate the FedEx shipping labels for all the orders in a single click, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Orders under the dashboard of your Shopify store.
  • Select all the orders for which you want the FedEx shipping labels and then click on Actions.
  • Click on Auto-Generate Labels to generate FedEx shipping labels for all the orders.

shopify fedex app

This will redirect you to the “Label Generation” page which will have the options to download label, track the order, and cancel the label (order).

Select all the orders and click on “Download Labels“.

shopify fedex app

The labels for all the selected orders will be downloaded as a zip file.

shopify fedex app

A sample label for one of the orders is shown here.

shopify fedex app


This article covers one of the most important features for the Shopify store owners – Generating the shipping labels for multiple orders. Generating shipping labels for multiple orders is a time-consuming job. Shopify FedEx App will help the store owners in automating this process such that they can select all the orders and generate shipping labels in a single click.

Now, if you want to offer shipping rates from other carriers like USPS, UPS, and DHL, check out Shopify Shipping App.

If you have any queries regarding the App or this article, then feel free to contact us. Our support team would be happy to help you with any issues.

Happy selling!

Last Updated On September 20, 2019