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WooCommerce FedEx Shipment Tracking and Scheduling Pickups

In this article, we will show you how to use FedEx Shipment Tracking and FedEx Pickup features with the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label. Read more to understand how to do that.

It is a known fact that WooCommerce is a great platform to sell your products online. But, in order to ship your products to your customers, you would need to set up a default WooCommerce shipment method or hire a third party service to deliver your orders. The WooCommerce FedEx Shipment is a plugin for WooCommerce that lets you ship your orders to your customers via FedEx services. Live shipping rates, FedEx shipment tracking, FedEx LTL Freight services, etc, are some of the services that this plugin offers. Along with these features, you can also print the shipping labels for the orders.

So, it would be better to have a detailed understanding of these features. And this article covers some of those features and how they can be used to ensure better FedEx shipments. We will consider a real case and see how these features come together to help.

So, without any further delay let us quickly get into it.

A real-life scenario

Let us check out an actual business case as requested by one of our customers.


I will be happy to purchase this plugin if I could find the following features:

1) Shipment tracking option
2) Creating shipment with COD option
3) Scheduling Pickup option

We choose priority overnight or standard overnight as per the weight slab, I am not able to find details if the product has COD option. We create shipment that requires scheduling a product with pickup location address, which gives us pickup confirmation number. This pickup number is sent automatically to the local area manager, according to area code and address. This helps them to pick up that product to deliver it.

Also, when we create a shipment from our website and schedule it from our panel, it will provide us AWB code to track product status and pickup confirmation number to inform area manager to pick up that product.

Let’s try to look out for the requested features in this plugin and eventually, see how it can be fulfilled.

Solution for the 1st request

Imagine a customer ordered a product from your store. You would see that order in the Orders section of the WooCommerce option under the Dashboard. Let us assume the following order.


order details

You can see that the order has been placed via FedEx Standard Overnight service and has not been requested for FedEx pickup. Let go through the order and create the shipment.

To create a shipment you have to scroll down the order page and click on the Create Shipment. You can refer the image given below.

create shipmentThis step is important because it generates the FedEx Shipping ID. This ID is used by people in order to track their orders or shipments.

Thus, after creating the shipment, you will see a refreshed order page that shows something like the following image.

shipment tracking

The red arrow shows the FedEx shipment tracking ID. Furthermore, this identification number is automatically generated by contacting the FedEx servers and every information regarding this shipment is stored in their systems.

In order to track the shipment, you can go to the order page and then go to the right side of the screen. You would see a box something like this.

fedex tracking

This section is for the FedEx shipment tracking purpose. If you have correctly executed the previous steps, then you should see the tracking ID of the shipment under the Enter Tracking IDs area. Furthermore, this ID is automatically filled in and you don’t have to manually enter the number. Now, to track the shipment click on the Save/Show Tracking Info. 

As soon as you do that, the page is refreshed and you can see the following message at the top of the order page. It comes something like this,

tracking link

If you click on the shipment ID link above, it takes you to the FedEx page. Correspondingly, this page directly shows the tracking details of that particular order.

You can refer to the following sample image.

fedex website

Thus, if you want to track the shipment anytime after the order is placed, you can come to the order page and track it by following the above steps. You can also track your shipment outside of your WooCommerce page. To do that, just go to the FedEx tracking page and enter the shipping ID of that particular shipment.

The customer also receives a confirmation email that includes the shipping ID. Customers can use this ID to track their orders. The email would look something like in the following screenshot.

order details

This solves the first request.

Solution for the 2nd request

This request has a very easy solution. All you need is to go to the WooCommerce section and click on the Settings option. After doing this, drag your mouse to the top part of the page and click on Checkout option. Under this, you can see the various payment methods including the Cash on delivery. You will see the following screen after this step.

cash on delivery

As shown by the red arrows, first click on the 1st position. This option enables the cash on delivery payment method in the Checkout page. Thus, customers can choose this option in order to pay the complete amount by cash. To further make sure that your customers can choose the cash on delivery method only for FedEx shipping methods. This means, if a customer wants to pay the total amount for the order by cash, he or she will have to choose one of the FedEx shipment methods.

You can enable this feature by referring to the following screenshot.


Your customers would be able to see the Cash on Delivery option on the Checkout page for all the FedEx shipping methods.

cash on delivery

But, if your customers choose other shipping methods like Flat rate or Free shipping, they would be able to only see the following payment methods.

check payments

Solution for the 3rd request

You can schedule your pickups for the orders. This feature is seamlessly integrated with FedEx services and offers a great solution to your shipping ways.

Let us look at the pickup setting section of the FedEx plugin. These options are available in the FedEx settings page under the WooCommerce settings.

enable pickup

Thus, click on the Enable Pickup option pointed by the 1st red arrow. You can also specify a different address for the pick up by the option under the enable option. Moreover, you can also specify the pickup start and close time of your company as well.

You have the choice to select one of the FedEx pickups that is favorable for your shipment. You can select from the drop-down menu pointed by the 2nd arrow. Following are the FedEx services that are offered for the pickups,

  1. Same Day
  2. Same Day City
  3. FedEx Distance Deferred

You also have the various FedEx Next Day services like,

  1. Early Morning
  2. Mid Morning
  3. Afternoon
  4. End Of Day
  5. Freight

Now, as soon as you receive a new order in your store, you can go to the orders page and select that order. You can refer the following image to see how it is done.

order details

The process of enabling the FedEx pickup for a particular order requires four steps –

  1. Click on the enable button pointed out by the first red arrow.
  2. Now click on the drop-down menu pointed out by the 2nd arrow and select the Request FedEx Pickup option.
  3. After doing this, you have to click on the Apply button as pointed out by the 3rd red arrow.
  4. Doing this refreshes the page and you can see the Requested comment under the FedEx Pickup column. This is pointed out by the 4th red arrow.

After doing the above steps you will see something as shown in the following screenshot.

order tracking

You can also cancel the FedEx pickup as well. Just select the order and click on the drop-down menu and select the Cancel FedEx Pickup. 


bulk actions

Final words…

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin is an amazing extension to your WooCommerce store. Moreover, it gives you the ability to manage your FedEx shipments directly from the store. The complete process is very reliable and seamless.

Last Updated On September 16, 2018