Set up Recurring Online Courses with WooCommerce Bookings

In this article, we will cover one of the popular online booking scenarios – Recurring Online Courses. We will check out how you can set up a Recurring Online Course Booking scenario with the help of WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin.

Recurring Online Course Booking

Sebastien is planning to provide online courses with the following requirement. According to Sebastien,”…Hello, I’m working on a project to sell courses.

  • Courses are 5 days a week from Monday to Friday
  • Students can book a week or several weeks

I want them to book for a max of 3 consecutive weeks. Is it possible..?

Plugin Features Used

It is clear from the scenario that Sebastein can easily set this up using WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin. He can make use of the following features to set up his scenario:

Booking Slots & Availability

Based on Sebastien’s scenario, he can set up a product for Recurring Online Courses. He can set up a fixed duration of 5 days and choose it to be recurring every week. Also, he can set the maximum capacity to 10 so that only 10 students can book for the course. Also, set the availability rules based on product availability.

Recurring Booking

Based on the requirement, if he enables this feature, he can allow the customer to make recurrent bookings across the week. He can also limit the maximum number of occurrences of the recurrent bookings. The Let customer choose a number of occurrences feature when enabled allows the customer to choose the number of occurrences of the recurrent bookings in the upcoming weeks.

Restrict Bookings to Start on Certain Days of the Week

The feature Restrict Bookings to Start on Certain Days of the Week when enabled restricts the customer to start the booking only on a particular day.


Follow the steps below to set up Recurring Online Courses.

  • Create a Bookable Product
  • Set up the Booking Period under the Booking tab.
    • Choose Fixed Blocks of(Mandatory for recurrent bookings) and Booking Period Blocks of 5 Days.
    • Set Maximum Bookings per block as 10.

Online Recurring booking

  • Visit Booking Costs
    • Set the Cost Per Block as shown in the image below.
    • Set the Booking Cost Rule based on the number of days the booking is made.

Online Recurring booking

  • Visit Recurring Bookings.
    • Set the Repeat Booking and Maximum Number of Occurrences as shown in the image below.
    • Enable the Let Customer Choose Number of Occurrences option so that the customer can choose the Number of Weeks for which he wants to book the Course.

Online Recurring booking

  • Visit Bookings Availability.
    • Enable the Restrict bookings to start only on certain days of the week option enable the bookings to start on Monday.
    • Set the Availability Rule for Weekends as Not Bookable as shown in the image below.

Online Recurring booking

Once the setup is complete, your Recurring Online Course product will look similar to the image shown below.
  • Bookings can only start from Monday, Saturday and Sunday are blocked due to the availability rule.
  • The Maximum Time Limit for the course is 3 weeks.

Online Recurring booking

  • Select start date of the Course and the Max Time Limit for Course.
  • The start date of the course and the cost of the Booking will be displayed along with the upcoming recurring booking dates.

Online Recurring booking

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