Shopify Alcohol Shipping with Adult Signature

In the world of e-commerce, shipping alcoholic beverages can be a complex and regulated process. Ensuring that these products reach the intended recipient safely and legally is of paramount importance. However, businesses that import and sell alcoholic beverages lack information about the laws and regulations of alcohol shipping and face a common concern of the absence of adult signatures on shipping labels. In this article, we will explore this issue and provide a solution using the Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App.

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Laws & regulations for selling alcohol in the United States (US)

The laws and regulations for selling alcohol in the United States are heavily regulated and regulations vary by state. If you sell or ship alcohol products, you must follow all federal, state, & local laws where you sell alcohol products.

As a seller, you must:

  • Acquire & maintain all necessary licenses individually to produce, market, sell, and deliver your products.
  • Remain in full compliance with all applicable licensure requirements, including the requirements for record-keeping.
  • You must have effective age verification practices so that alcohol products can’t be purchased or received by people under 21.
  • Ensure that any alcohol products shipped to a different state are compliant with applicable laws of the jurisdiction of your business & your customer’s jurisdiction.
  • Ship alcohol products in full compliance with applicable laws of the jurisdiction of your business and your customer’s jurisdiction.

How to find more information about selling alcohol products in the United States

To find information about selling alcohol products in the US, you can refer to the following resources:

  1. The TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) website provides information on liquor laws and regulations for retail dealers, basic permit requirements, labeling and advertising of wine, distilled spirits, and malt beverages, and tied house regulations
  2. provides information on marketing and advertising regulations for alcoholic beverages, including the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA) and self-regulation of alcohol marketing. It also covers state-specific regulations on discounts, promotions, and selling limits.
  3. The National Alcohol Beverage Control Association website provides information on the structure of US alcohol regulation, including the control model and the license model, and the three-tier system.
  4. MetaBrand provides information on alcoholic drink formulation regulations in the USA, including the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAAA) and the certificate of label approval (COLA) requirement for bottlers and importers.
  5. Shopify Help Center provides information on the common requirements for selling alcohol, including acquiring and maintaining necessary licenses, age verification practices, and shipping and delivery compliance. It also lists specific resources such as The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, The Wine Institute, The Beer Institute, and The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.

By referring to these resources, you can find detailed information on laws, licensing requirements, age verification practices, and shipping compliance.

Ensuring delivery verification of alcohol on Shopify

When dealing with alcoholic beverages, it must comply with legal regulations, which often require adult signatures upon delivery. However, businesses that primarily sell alcoholic beverages often lack clarity regarding the absence of adult signatures on shipping labels. Wine retailers, for instance, have raised concerns about the potential consequences of shipping products without the required confirmation, such as age verification upon delivery.

To address this concern and maintain compliance with alcohol shipping regulations, online retailers can take proactive steps. One effective solution is to opt for fulfillment applications that offer the “Delivery Confirmation-Adult Signature” option.

Shipping Alcohol using the Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App

The Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app shipping app that automates label processing, calculates shipping rates, and integrates with more than 50 carriers. The app’s key features include live rates at checkout, multi-box shipments, automatic box packing, and real-time shipment tracking. It can handle all product sizes and weights, manage international orders, and batch printing.

For Shopify businesses that sell alcohol or wine, the app provides exceptional support. The app is certified by global carriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. which means shipping alcohol becomes a breeze

  • Install the Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App: If you haven’t already, install this app from the Shopify App Store.
  • Access the App Settings: Go to the app’s settings within your Shopify dashboard.
  • Mark products as Alcohol: Visit the Products tab from the menu. Edit the product and enable the Alcohol Present option under the Alcohol tab.
  • Enable the Delivery Confirmation-Adult Signature Required option: Enable the Delivery Confirmation Options under the Special Services tab.
  • Verify shipping labels: Now generate and print a shipping label for alcohol shipments including delivery confirmation with an adult signature option on it, as shown below.

Benefits of Delivery Confirmation with Adult Signature

  • Legal Compliance: By requiring adult signatures upon delivery, you ensure that your shipments meet the necessary legal requirements.
  • Safety: Adult signature confirmation helps prevent alcohol from falling into the wrong hands, promoting responsible consumption.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Boost customer trust and satisfaction, leading to repeat business by ensuring customers are handling their purchases responsibly
  • Reduced Liability: Enforcing age verification upon delivery can reduce your liability in cases of alcohol-related issues.


Shipping alcoholic beverages comes with a unique set of challenges, and ensuring adult signatures on shipping labels is a vital part of the process. By enabling delivery confirmation with an adult signature through the Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App, you can address this concern effectively. This helps you stay compliant with legal regulations, contributes to a safer distribution of alcoholic products & enhances customer satisfaction.