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WooCommerce provides some built-in shipping options for online business owners. These include the Flat Rate Shipping and Free Shipping. With these options, the store owners can easily provide custom shipping rates for their customers. However, this doesn’t imply WooCommerce shipping to be that simple. While the store owners may be providing free or flat rate shipping, they themselves need to ship that product via a shipping carrier. As a result, these packages are shipped via carriers like UPS, FedEx, etc. WooCommerce store owners who provide the option to track the shipment may require the tracking numbers from these shipping carriers.

According to Simon, a WooCommerce store owner, “…Is there a way to have a free shipping order populate a tracking number..? Even though it is a free shipping to the customers, it still needs to be shipped. I am not sure how to get the tracking number for those items. Thanks for any help…

In this article, we will discuss how WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin provides the ability to track the packages even if these packages are sold under free shipping.

Configuring UPS Shipment Tracking

Once the order is placed, store owners can generate the packages by clicking on the Generate Package option on the Orders page. After the packages are created, you can select any UPS shipping service to ship that package. The shipping quote will be available for every valid shipping service between the source and the destination address. Once selecting the shipping service, the only step that remains is to Confirm Shipment. 

Based on the shipping service that you have selected while creating the packages, WooCommerce UPS shipping plugin will generate a shipping label. The customer would have selected the Free Shipping option on the cart page, yet you can select among all the valid UPS shipping services and get a shipping label for the shipment.


So this article covers a shipping scenario where a WooCommerce store owner requires a UPS tracking numbers for an order which is under Free Shipping. In this article, we will cover how WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin can provide shipment tracking functionality for the orders shipped under free shipping.

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