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The WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin is an amazing plugin that will help you set up a successful booking website. Website admins can easily define the booking rules and allow customers to choose the time or date of booking. You can use this plugin for appointments, services or rentals based websites. And clearly, by looking at the recent market demands, the need for a booking website is increasing day-by-day.

In this article, we will show you how to set up the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin on your WooCommerce. You would see some of the most common applications of a booking website and how you can achieve them with this plugin.

How to create a bookable product on your WooCommerce?

Once you have successfully installed the plugin on your WooCommerce, you would find a new option under the Product data option in the Edit product page. Before doing anything else, you should first select the Bookable Product option under the Product data option. In the image shown below, you can clearly see that the Bookable Product option is present.

After selecting the Bookable product, you would notice that the General and Inventory option on the left side will be hidden. This happens to eliminate the confliction of the product price. As soon as you do this you will see the following section:

Beneath the Product data section, you can find the Booking Period which lets you choose the booking method. You have the option to choose from Calendar range and Fixed Period of. If you choose the Calendar range, you will see an interactive Calendar on the product page where you can choose the time range for the booking. Now, if you go for the other option, i.e the Fixed Period of, then the customers would see something like below:

This way you can allow bookings based on minutes, hours, days or even months. You can also define the time period between the time range. If you want the bookings to have a certain time period, then you can do that as well. You have the option to choose the start and the end time of the bookings. By doing this, your customers will have a certain time window to book i.e The appointments are shown only within the window period.

What’s even great is that the plugin also allows you to set the non-bookable hours or days. Meaning, if you wish to take a break for one or two hours between your work then you can set the break-time. Under the Booking Availability option, you can define the time duration of the non-bookable period.

As you can see in the image shown above, you have the option to define the non-working period. The plugin also allows you to define the Weekends as a holiday, which can be quite useful if you need a day or two off work.

Implementing some common business cases

Doctor’s appointment

Seth is a doctor and needs a website where people can book appointments.

  • He is open from 09:00 to 16:00 every day.
  • He wants to keep the appointments for 1 hour and charge $90 for each appointment.
  • He also wants to take a 1-hour lunch break.

In order to implement this business case, Seth has to define a bookable product. He can define this product with a particular name such as Urology or Andrology, and then define the rate based on his wish. Then he needs to go to that product page and perform the following configuration:

Also on the Booking Availability tab, he can define the lunch break, say, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. As a result, the product page would look something like the one shown in the following image:

Hotel Booking

Another very common application of a booking website is hotel booking business. Let us take the example of Shannon and her hotel business case.

  • She wants to offer rooms on a per-day basis
  • She wants to charge $270 for each day without any booking window

Shannon can go to the product page and define the bookable product(hotel room). She can name categorise the rooms and decide the tariff accordingly. We have created a sample room in the following image. And as you can see in the image below, the dates marked in grey colour indicates that the dates are not bookable. The dates marked with blue colour are the bookable dates and the prices along with the booking duration are shown above the Book Now button(please refer the image below).

For this configuration, she needs to choose the Booking Period as Enable Calendar Range and define the tariff as shown in the image below:

Paying Guest monthly bookings

This plugin also allows the bookings based on monthly basis. Luke here, owns a paying guest apartment and requires a website that allows his guests to book the rooms on their own.

  • He wants to offer rooms on a monthly basis
  • He wants to charge $365 for every month without any booking window

He just needs to follow the configuration given below:

And after setting up the bookable product page, he would be able to see the following page.

Similar to the above business scenarios, you can configure the booking settings based on your needs and requirements. If you are looking for more features and functionalities then check out the premium version of the plugin.

Let us know in the comment section below if you have any query. We would be more than happy to help! Happy selling!

Last Updated On August 10, 2018

14 thoughts on “Setting Up (Free version)

  1. Manuel Martinez says:

    Hello Devesh,

    First of all, thanks for a very usable plugin for our Woocommerce stores.

    I’ve already implementing it on my site, but I would like to know where I can see the book’s list made for our clients.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. cyd-admin says:

    Hi Manuel,

    Glad to know you have liked the bookings plugin and are able to use it.

    Currently, in the free version of this plugin, you will be able to view the appointments as woocommerce orders.

    We will soon be releasing our premium version which will have a calendar showing the appointments and will have many more features as well.

  3. PP says:

    Hello, I liked your plugin.
    Can you provide Google Sync such that both the customer and the service provider Google calender will be synced.
    Also when will your premium versions be released ?

    • Minal Kokane says:

      Hello Pankmaz,

      Greetings from PluginHive. Glad to know you liked the plugin.

      Our Premium version is planned to be released in the 2nd week of June.

      We do have the google calendar sync on our feature list. However, it would be a part of the later releases.

      Team PluginHive

  4. Tania says:

    Hi people!
    I am trying to program a reservation system for a hostel. I need that different people can reserve the same product the same day until a limit quantity. Is that possible with your plugin? I can`t find the way.
    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Devesh Rajarshi says:

      Hi Tania,

      Thanks for your query!

      Currently, our Free version supports one booking for one person. So, once a time-slot has been booked by any one of your customers, other people are not allowed to book it.

      However, you’d please to know that our Pro version includes this feature and you can control how many people can book a certain time-slot. So stay tuned as we are going to release our Pro version soon.

      Team PluginHive

  5. Mauricio says:

    Hi! Great plugin, thanks a lot! You should have more active installations.

    But still I have a small problem. When I click on a date, let’s say May-29, it shows May-28, if I click May-28 its show May-27 and so on…

    • Devesh Rajarshi says:

      Hi Mauricio,

      We are glad that you liked our plugin.

      Please make sure that you are using our latest version of the plugin. If you already are, then there is a possibility of some minor CSS issues on your website that might be causing the problem.

      Could you please share the website link where you are facing this issue? It would be really helpful for us to figure out the problem.

      Do let us know if you need any help.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Team PluginHive

        • Minal Kokane says:

          Hi Jerad,

          Glad you liked our plugin.

          We have fixed the issue of the date not refreshing. Please update the plugin to the latest version 1.0.11.

          Let us know if you have any queries or need further help.

          Team PluginHive

  6. Rajat says:

    Your plugin is very nice and fits a lot of use cases. I am trying to use it to manage hourly/daily bookings of rooms in my training center, and I had a few issues which need resolution before I consider the premium version:
    1) An hourly booking and daily booking of the same resource is being allowed. For e.g. if person A books a room from 12pm to 1pm, person B is still being allowed to book that room for the whole day. It should show unavailable for daily booking.
    2) Related to above point, how can I manage multiple types of booking (hourly vs daily) in the same product (room in my case)?
    3) The time zone for the timings seems to be locked to UTC. How do I change it for my country?

    TIA for the answers and resolution.

    • Anindo says:

      Hi Rajat,

      1) I tried to replicate the scenario. However, I could book either on an hourly basis or daily basis. Can you help us replicate the scenario?

      As per my testing, using our Bookings plugin, it is possible for a person to either select hourly booking or daily booking for a particular resource. Also concurrent bookings are not allowed if you provide a value of “1” to the field “Maximum Bookings allowed per block”. I have attached a screenshot to show you this :

      2) As explained, you can either book a room in hours or days. Synchronisation of both is not possible as of now.

      3) The timings are picked up from the wordpress server time. So you can define the timezone from the WordPress settings.

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