How to Set Up Magento Rates, Labels and Tracking for FedEx?

This article gives you step-by-step instructions to set up Live FedEx shipping rates, shipping label printing and FedEx shipment tracking using Magento Rates, Labels and Tracking for FedEx extension.

Configure FedEx Account Credentials for Magento

  • Visit your Magento Admin dashboard and under Store, click on Configuration
  • Visit the Sales section and click on Shipping Methods
  • Click on PluginHive FedEx Shipping Module

Here you need to Enable the FedEx Shipping Method and set up your FedEx Credentials. You would require the following from FedEx:

  • FedEx Account Number
  • FedEx Meter Number
  • Web Service Key
  • Web Service Password

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If you are using Production Credentials, select Yes under the Product Credentials field.

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You can validate whether the credentials are correct or not by clicking the Validate button.

Set Up Real-Time FedEx Shipping Rates at Magento Checkout

  • In order to get the real-time shipping rates from FedEx at your Magento checkout page, select Yes under Enable Real-Time Shipping Rates
  • Based on your preferences, you can select from various FedEx shipping services by clicking the checkbox in front of the services, as shown in the image below.
  • The extension also allows you to set up Price Adjustment based on your preferences for each FedEx shipping service. You can choose to enter the Fixed Value or a Percentage increase or decrease (with a minus ‘-‘ sign). The rates displayed on the checkout page will be calculated as per the adjustment provided here.

Set Up FedEx Parcel Packing Methods

  • By default, the extension provides Weight Based Packing to calculate shipping rates by FedEx. Under weight-based, you need to define a Max Weight value that will be used to determine the products packed in a single package. Once the weight reaches the Max Weight value, the extension automatically increases the package to accommodate additional products.
  • The extension also supports Box Packing for merchants who use either FedEx Standard Boxers or their own packaging to ship. By default, the extension supports the following FedEx Boxes,
    • FedEx Small Box
    • FedEx Medium Box
    • FedEx Large Box
    • FedEx Extra Large Box
    • FedEx PAK
    • FedEx Envelope
    • FedEx 10 Kg Box
    • FedEx 25 Kg Box

In case you are using your own packaging, you can create Custom Boxes by clicking on Add Box

Display Real-Time FedEx Shipping Rates on Magento Checkout Page

  • Once the setup is complete, place a product in cart and add the address
  • The extension will display the real-time FedEx shipping rates and all available services on the checkout page as shown below.
  • Select a service based on your preferences and click on Next
  • Place the order successfully

Automatically Generate Packages for your Magento Orders

  • Once the order in Processing status, visit FedEx Generate Label tab, as shown below
  • Click on Generate Packages. This will automatically generate a package for the order based on the Parcel Packing Method you have selected

Select FedEx Service to Print Shipping Labels

  • Select the service for which you want to print FedEx shipping labels. By default, the service with which the customer has placed the order will be selected.

Generate and Download FedEx Shipping Labels

  • Click on Generate Labels and the shipping label will be generated along with the FedEx tracking details
  • Click on Download Label to download the Commercial Invoice as well as the Shipping Label(s)

Automatically Send FedEx Shipment Tracking Details to Customers

  • Once the shipping labels are printed, the shipment tracking details will be sent to the customers via email

Generate and Download FedEx Return Shipping Labels

  • You can also choose to generate return shipping labels for your preferred service. Select the service from the dropdown and click on Generate Return Label
  • Once the label and the tracking details are generated, click on Download Return Label to get the return shipping label

Sync FedEx Shipping & Tracking Details to Magento Orders

  • After successfully completing the order fulfillment, a shipment will be automatically generated with the FedEx shipping and tracking details, as shown below

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Last Updated On June 09, 2021