WooCommerce Multiple Shipping options with Table Rate Shipping


WooCommerce store owners sometimes provide more than one shipping option to their customers. The idea behind this is to provide multiple WooCommerce shipping options based on the convenience of the customers. Some customers may want a low shipping cost whereas others may want to get their products within a day and are willing to pay a little extra for that service. This way having multiple WooCommerce shipping options is always best for both you and your customers.

According to Smith, a WooCommerce store owner,

Hello, I want to use your plugin but I have some queries regarding that. Is it possible to have 2 different types of shipping for one product? For example, for a t-shirt, I have two options, Normal postage = 2.99 and First class postage = 3.99 and 
Mug, I have two options Normal Postage = 3.99 and First Class Postage = 5.99. Is it possible with your plugin, my all product have different shipping rates for both Postage. Thanks

With this article, we’ll see how the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin helps you provide multiple WooCommerce Shipping Options for your products.

Creating Multiple WooCommerce Shipping Options

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin is one of the most advanced shipping plugins in the WooCommerce domain. It allows store owners to create shipping rules based on a number of factors such as weight, price, quantity, destination address, etc.

For those store owners who require multiple shipping options for a single product, the plugin provides the option of Method Group. Using method groups WooCommerce store owners can assign multiple shipping rules to a product category easily.

The plugin works in such a way that only a single shipping option among different groups will be displayed on the cart page. So in order to provide multiple WooCommerce shipping options, store owner needs to provide different group names to their WooCommerce shipping rules.

This way for different shipping groups, one shipping method will be available on the cart page. The shipping rules in the image below will return two shipping options for a single product class, based on the different group names provided to them.

woocommerce shipping options

Coming to the WooCommerce Cart page, when both items are moved into the cart page, WooCommerce displays both options. Have a look.

woocommerce shipping options

But when any one of the two products comes into the cart, the cart shows the respective WooCommerce shipping option. Check it out below.

woocommerce multiple shipping options


In this article, we discussed WooCommerce Tabel Rate Shipping Pro and how using this plugin WooCommerce Store owners can easily create multiple WooCommerce shipping options for a product or the complete product category.

With the help of the Method Group option of the plugin, the store owners can easily make sure the customers see multiple shipping rules for a single product.

In addition, if you’re looking to provide shipping options based on shipping carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL, check out the WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Carrier plugin.

If you have any suggestions regarding the article, feel free to share your views in the comment section below. You can even contact PluginHive Customer Support if you need help WooCommerce Shipping on your website.

Happy selling!